turtle races into the hall of fame - bout time

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by turtle, Mar 11, 2012.

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    Username: - turtle (lower case t if you please.... NO Mr. in front of it and NO dude behind it either)

    What is your real name? - Mike

    What are your nicknames/aliases? - turtle, ø^§!#, %¿*¶, and Ø÷Œæ

    Where do you live? - The other side of the pond

    What is your age (or) generation? - Uber Boomer

    What are you in the real world? - Web hosting provider and product support company owner

    What is your favorite shave setup? - Whatever is in my hand or whatever is the most popular on B&B at the moment (GO TEAM)

    What are your hobbies and favorite activities? - Shaving - coding - menacing web forums :001_tt2:

    What else should the members of B&B know about you? - RTFM
  2. yeah turtle!!
  3. So: you wanted to remain mysterious for your initial six months in this place, right?

    I didn't wait that long. At my age, I'm supposed to have learned patience. Didn't work that way.

    If I tell myself I'm not in a hurry often enough, sometimes I remember I can slow down. If I was here first, I can tell you be welcome in the Hall. And I will, and I do.
  4. welcome...kind of as you have been here for months
  5. Welcome to the HOF Turtle !!
  6. Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Mike!
  7. Niles

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    Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Mike!
  8. Mike [turtle], great to see you in the HoF. Beautiful background scenery in the pic. Makes me want to go camping.
  9. That was taken at the climb out of Yosemite right at timberline on the way up to Donahue pass which is a 11,056 foot pass on the Muir trail. My first wife and I walked the Muir trail back in the early 70's and got caught in an early season blizzard near Devil's Post Pile at the start of our 2nd week out. We survived (obviously) but never made it past the Post Pile to Whitney. There were a few on the trail that year that did not make it out of that storm
  10. Mike;

    We live a short 3 hour drive away, so my family has camped many times in Yosemite, it has to be our favorite place to visit. Your one up on me though, I've never been off the beaten path. I know we/I have missed out on some of the more awesome sights that only backpackers will ever get to experience.

    It's true, there are fatalities yearly in Yosemite, some are caused my human error, but then as with yourself, nature plays a hand, and we have to play said hand out the best we can, and hopefully like you, come out the winner.

    I remember one camp out when my dad heated water, carried it to the wash house, and then shaved. It was a really cold, rainy morning.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of history on the pic. I for one enjoyed it.
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  11. ackvil

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    Welcome to the HoF, Mike.

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