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  1. The mecca of shaving supplies in Tulsa, OK is in the Utica Square shopping center at 21st Street and Utica. Here you will find:

    Crabtree and Evelyn
    Phone: 918-745-1108
    Monday - Saturday
    10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    Closed Sunday
    -They have the $30 EJ Badger Brush (formerly the "BBB"), various other badger brushes, several milled soaps in wood bowls for around $20, and other creams/potions/lotions..

    Bath and Body Works
    Phone: 918-748-9353
    Monday - Saturday
    10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
    Noon – 5 p.m
    -Home of C.O. Bigelow (aka Proraso) shaving cream with Eucalyptus Oil, 5oz for $10 (pretty good deal IMHO), along with other brands. Here's a full list of their shaving products.

    Ted's Pipe Shop
    Phone: 918-742-4996
    Monday - Friday
    10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Closed Sunday
    -This shop has Col. Conks for $3.75 (all flavors available!), as well as some good brushes. They carry some custom-handled Mach 3's, but I didn't see any DE or straight equipment.

    As long as you're in the area, you may want to check out:
    Ace Barber & Beauty Supply
    3rd Street and Utica
    Phone: 918-584-7040
    -I haven't been in there, but I hear they carry a limited supply of DE blades, straights, brushes, etc. It's worth a shot...

    Please post here if you have any other sources for shave den supplies in Tulsa, OK!
  2. Ok I visited Ace (or Tulsa) Barber and Beauty Supply this morning. It looks like it was directly transplanted from the 1970s. Everything is 50% off, and they had the full Pinaud line, tons of Lucky Tiger stuff, omega brushes, dorco ST-300s and merkur blades, a few straight razors, and a couple of strops. Prices were good. I got a bottle of Osage Rub for $4.25
  3. By the way, Tulsa barber and beauty supply -- 3rd and Utica -- has halved their prices from 50% off to 75% off, just until the end of the month. I haven't seen much in the way of soap there, but they do have DE blades and a few DE razors at reasonable (now very good) prices. Merkur blades at $3/10.
  4. It looks like Tulsa Barber and Beauty supply has moved. The proprietor told me that they'd be reopening sometime in January, a few blocks north of their old location. He said the phone number would be the same (918 584-7040), so call before you go.
  5. Ed Beshara's fine clothing -- on the northeast corner of 36th and Harvard -- now has Art of Shaving stuff: aftershave balm, preshave oil, shaving cream in a tube or tub, cologne, rose water. Fragrances include sandalwood, lime, unscented, and lavender. It's all pretty pricey, but they do have a trial kit which includes a small badger brush, cream, balm, and oil for just $25.
  6. A couple of other good places in Tulsa for shaving supplies include:

    Sephora at the Woodland Hills Mall. They carry Jack Black, Anthony Logistics, Art of Shaving (sometimes), Zirh, and a few other product lines.

    Ulta. There are a few locations around Tulsa and they carry Anthony, Dermalogica, American Crew, MenU, and others.

    I tend to order my blades online (cheaper), but it would be nice if Tulsa had a central shaving store like Carwin's in OKC for all these materials.
  7. Good work, lads. I wish our MIA comrade from Sand Springs, prewt was here to see it.

    Keep at it.
  8. I was in Tulsa a couple of months back and checked out some of these places listed in this thread.

    Ted's Pipe Shop had Col. Conk soaps. I picked up the Almond, Amber and Lime. They also had some Edwin Jagger (I think) razor handles. They were all for Mach 3 cartridges though, no DE's. Then I headed to the Crabtree & Evelyn store. Picked up some Nomad soap there. They had a pretty good assortment of soap bowls, brushes, razors, etc.

    It was great to find some stores that carried some stuff you don't see at Walgreen's! Tulsa seems to be a pretty good shopping-for-shaving town!

  9. Unless you're looking for good DE razors and blades, and non-boutique products. Don't get me wrong, I like AOS and Jack Black line products, but it would be nice to see some of these stores carry the higherend British creams to test out. Not sure where you are in NW Arkansas, but does Fayetteville have anything being that it is a college town?
  10. Fayetteville? Not really that I've been able to find. I'm always on the lookout though. We've got Bath & Body Works, of course (ha!). Further north in Rogers, there are more high-end shopping destinations, where I think there may be some possibilities. However I haven't really been exploring for shaving supplies lately up there. If I find anything I'll definitely report it here!
  11. @Flash Fact -- since you mention good DE razors -- I bought a Merkur at Tulsa Barber and Beauty a few months back, before they moved . . . you're probably also aware that Crabtree & Evelyn carries a small selection of DE razors.
  12. Nothing in Fayetteville that I know of.
  13. I should mention that C&E in Utica square is liquidating their stock of razors and brushes -- 40% off, but their prices are pretty high to begin with.

    BTW -- the C&E in Utica square is independently owned, and every now and again if you look carefully, you'll see something on their shelves that isn't C&E branded . . . keep an eye out, I think they stock that stuff on the down-low.
  14. As a Tulsan, I had no idea C&E was in town. Thanks so much!! I will be there tomorrow.
  15. I've been scoping out some of these places listed. I went to Akins yesterday at 31st & Harvard and picked up a pump bottle of KMF Lime for about $6...used it last night. Wow! Awesome lather. I think I could've lathered my face 5 times, but I did use 3 pumps. I'll drop it to 2 next time. Still, it was some good stuff. They had a few other brands of stuff, but I've got to try to limit myself a little.

    I also stopped at Ed Bashara's as it was just down the road at 36th & Harvard. They only carry AOS stuff and it's a little pricey. The guy I talked to was very nice and gave me a little sample box of the unscented AOS pre-shave oil, shave cream, and after shave balm. Good tactic, because at the prices, I probably wouldn't give it a go, but I'll try the sample and if it's worth it, I might buy some stuff.

    I picked up a puck of Col. Conk's Lime at Ted's Pipe Shoppe at The Farm at 51st & Sheridan for about $3. Pretty good stuff.

    Also went to Tulsa Barber and Beauty or whatever it's called. Wow! That place is a dump. It looks like they found a store that's been vacant for 20 years and decided to open it up. They were having a 75% off sale (I didn't ask, but it might be closing down), but it didn't apply to the shaving supplies other than their soap pucks, which I didn't really feel like trying. I did grab a box of 100 Dorco blades for right at $10 bucks, so there's that.

    C&E was one of the first places I went a while back and got their Sandalwood soap in a bowl for $18. I didn't even bother looking at the brushes and razors after I saw the first price tag...just way outta my range.

    The only other place I've bought anything is Bath & Body Works and that was the obligatory C.O. Bigelow shave cream, which I still love. It's my favorite, but the KMF might give it a run.

    So, anyway, that's my experience so far here in Tulsa.

  16. I went to Akins (51st & Memorial) yesterday and graabbed the last bottle of KMF lime. Apparently it's a hot commodity in T-town.
  17. Bad news -- the Crabtree and Evelyn Store at Utica Square is closing down. The good news is that now, all their shaving supplies are 40% off . . . so head in and stock up before our brick-and-mortar options dwindle further.
  18. Has anyone been to Sterling & Co? (1606 E 15th St., between Lewis and Peoria) It's a salon, apparently, but like most salons it sells some products, too . . . I found an old Tulsa World article that says they carry Art of Shaving, and I'm wondering if that's all they carry.
  19. guenron

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    OH NO! That is truly horrible news!!!!:ohmy:
  20. 1. The C&E at Utica Square is officially gone.:sad:

    2. I posted higher up that Tulsa Barber & Beauty had moved . . . well, they haven't. The owner keeps talking about it, but he hasn't. Apparently he can't find a buyer for his building, which is not surprising.

    3. Rummaging through our remaining options -- before we consider a mass migration to OKC -- there is a second Ted's Pipe Shop in Tulsa, at The Farm Shopping Center (just south of 51st St & Sheridan). Has anyone been there? I would bet they have some stock there, too.

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