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  1. The question has been raised many times, but think I have found a new "advantage" to the tub. I have a tub of TOBS sandalwood cream that has been languishing since I switched to mostly soaps (including TOBS sandalwood soap). Because it has sat for such a long time, the cream in the tub has dried to a soft soap consistency. And I started using it again, but as a soft soap. And it works great! Thinking that when I want another cream I will buy a tub and perhaps deliberately let it dry some. Really works well!
  2. Yes, I have 5 Tubs of the AOS Rose (discontinued) which were never opened, since it's getting warmer I decided to put one in rotation and discovered it was dry & fairly hard. I didn't want to bother re-hydrating and after loading up my Brush, the scent and lather were fine, I think another benefit would be a longer lasting Tub since I only loaded ~35-45 seconds. All my Tube Creams are immediately put in a Tub when opened since I like to dip & swirl my brush when loading.
  3. I would prefer a tub for home use as I can get every last bit out of it whereas with a tube there is always that one shave's worth wasted as it won't come out of the tube. I have to admit that a tube is convenient for travel as they are usually around 100ml and allowed in carry-on baggage when flying. Most tubs are over 100ml and therefore have to be in checked baggage, for a one or two day trip one usually doesn't check a bag (it costs $35 one-way unless you fly first-class so keeping a TSA-compliant tube is cheaper than checking bags so you can take your 150ml tub of TOBS on your trip).
  4. My creams/soaps collection is growing alarmingly. Is it beneficial to transfer my tube cream in an empty tub for a few years rotation or is preferable to keep it in its own tube?
  5. They don't last long enough around here to get dried out.

    The secret is... get a bigger brush and you will use a LOT more product per lather :lol:
  6. Turkish #1 maybe?! :lol:
  7. This might be an interesting poll. I prefer tubs. Tubes and soap sticks are used for travel.
  8. Tubs are better value for money, but TBH I find tubes to be more convenient. I also prefer tubes as the product doesn't seem to dry out as quickly.
  9. I haven't used a tube for anything yet, because each time I think about it I see that it costs the same amount of money for half the product, and change my mind. :p
  10. Because I shower shave, I find tubes to be more convenient so I use them wherever practical. T&H comes in plastic tubes so its real easy to use a used blade to slice the tube open for those last tidbits
  11. Tub for me, easier to load, store and looks fancier :001_tt2:
  12. Tubes, only because the cream doesn't dry as quickly. I like my creams very soft and I like a lot of them in my rotation so it takes me awhile to go through them.
  13. 1. Tub
    2. DR Harris Marlborough

  14. Good point...if you like to use several creams you are better with tubes. I use T&H Grafton, 1805, Trafalgar, Lavendar plus Trumpers Violet and BB. I also have a tube of El Mehlor for those no prep, no brush quick touch ups and Ill soon have a tube of Speick again (Im waiting for my Violet to get a little lower to shave on shipping costs) for when I run out of El Mehlor, since Speick is a far better product, yet still cheap enough for rough shaving

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