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  1. I travel a good deal & always take a DE razor with me. On those occasions when I'm not checking a bag, I put the disassembled razor (no blade of course) in a baggie on top of the tub going through the security scanner. I find this usually prevents any additional screening or luggage search. Technically this is not necessary but I find it speeds the process along considerably.
  2. Nice!
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    Just curious...what do you do for blades when you arrive at your destination? Find a store that carries DE blades? Mail some to your hotel before departing? Steal some from your brother-in-law? :biggrin1:
  4. Yes! In this case I was visiting my daughter in Boston and had sent her some ahead of time but had also solicited advice from Boston based B&Bers about where to pick some up. I don't actually count on my worthless bum of a brother-in-law. I often have to check a bag so it's not a problem. With a little planning it's pretty easy.
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    Love your Mark Twain quote--shame the media doesn't follow it.
  6. You answered my exact questions. I will be flying this weekend for the first time as a DE shaver and was not sure what to do.
  7. Good point, however I've found that there is no set way as to how the Thousands Standing Around, are going to deal with things. :confused1
  8. I travel quite frequently between my home in Florida and my work location in/near D.C. I frequent Reagan National and Jacksonville International almost exclusively, and I've had only one instance where they requested to examine my carry-on with shaving gear. I have made a purchase of a lot of four DEs from eBay and had them delivered to my place in Virginia. I decided to bring them home with me, and as my carry-on bag rolled through the scanner, they spotted them in my case. They were very nice; they just asked if they could examine the bag, and I knew what they wanted to see most likely was if I had any blades in the kit or the razors, which I didn't. I was through in no time.

    This was a rare case of carrying a razor with me. Since I basically have two residences, I don't need to carry shaving items between them. However, when I do carry a DE, I do exactly Face&Head said in his OP: keep the razor in a baggy, disassembled, and remove it from the bag and leave it out in the tub. I zip right through.

    Frankly, I go through these two airports so much, I think they all know me.
  9. Literally every time I've flown with a razor, I get my bag searched. Perhaps this is due to the large BRW handle, I don't know, but I'd like to know where you guys who do not get searched are flying out of.

    I agree with Face&Head. I started putting the razor parts, unassembled, in my baggie with toiletries and they appreciate it and I zip right through now. For longer trips, I'll mail a blade ahead, but for a day or two, I just use BIC Metals. They work. Not ideal, but they work.

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