Trying to find a good exfoliating face wash

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  1. I've heard good things about Nivea products, so I'm trying to find one of those, and I think I may have. Does anyone know anything about the following product?

    But as I understand it, exfoliating washes are pretty tough on the face, so would I need something else for lighter washes? Or is that unnecessary because there's simply no need to wash the face more than once in the morning and once at night? I've never really used anything other than soap, and the occasional anti-acne face wash (which I don't recall working well) so advice will be greatly appreciated!
  2. I use the revitalizing version of that product. If I recall correctly there's only one ingredient that's different between the two. It says to use it two to three times per week before shaving but I use it every day with very good results. As far as I'm concerned its going to be a permanent part of my pre-shave. The only reason I chose the revitalizing over the energy was my gf didnt seem to think I needed more energy lol. I think either one would be a good choice.
  3. Tried the Nivea scrubs, found them to be good at the exfoliation without too much scrubbing
  4. I've used Kiehls, Jack Black and Gilette. Not much difference in performance. Scents vary. So pick what smells best to you. Use them twice a week.
  5. I like the clean & clear exfoliating scrub. It is an oil-free product which is great bc i have sensitive skin.
  6. At the end of the day, exfoliating scrubs are not that different from one brand to another. When I had a chat with a Nordstrom employee about Kiehls and Jack Black, she said the biggest deciding factor for male customers was the scent and not necessarily the brand or anything else really. I mean, if you have a good boar brush, it will exfoliate your face for you sans any exfoliating product. Just pick one that feels good on your skin and smells good to you.

    Personally, I use this product with my lather or face wash.
    I just lightly scrub my face with it with some lather or face wash; it replaces my exfoliating scrub plus it's cheap as well.
  7. I've been using the Neutrogena version of that for the past 12 years before my Mach 3 shaves and it still working well now that I've moved to the DE side. I rub a dollup on my face and scrub in then rinse before I apply my shaving cream.

  8. Trueflame: I have used that scrub. For me it actually felt like a burn afterwards. My skin was red and very very tender. More like a chemical burn. I don't use it anymore and if you would like to try it I can send you my tube. Let me know.
  9. If you feel adventuresome there are several recipes on the internet available to make your own home made facial scrub

  10. I use it before every shave, excellent stuff
  11. Biore currently has my vote. The scent is kind of a cucumber-esque scent. It's nothing to write home about. I noticed that L'Oreal for men also has a "Black" facial scrub that foams into a white lather when you use it. I may give it a whirl when the Biore runs out.
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    I've used a few different face scrubs. The main difference I have found between them, apart from fragrance, is the size of the exfoliating granules. I currently use Zirh which has a very fine granule. It makes it a bit more gentle on the skin and I feel that my whole face gets a nice, even clean.
  13. Believe it or not I use St. Ives invigorating apricot scrub every day before shower and before shaving. I get a great close shave. I do no find any facial bruising or problems. I scrub firmly but not like a crazed fool. Been very pleased.
  14. Here are 3 I like and use:

    Lab Series for Men- Multi Action Face Wash: Has those little micro beads that break open to create a nice lather. Just dab will do you. It's kind of mild, and unscented. I use this everyday in the shower before I shave. Think I paid around $17.00 for a 3.4 ounce tube, but I know you can find it cheaper on online.

    Jack Black-Face Buff: Very nice envigorating scrub. Use this one usually when I grow the beard out and it really helps get all the gunk off. Can be a bit harsh on bare sesitive skin and has a bit of a medicinal smell to it because it has Menthol in it. Think it's around $18.00 for a 3 ounce tube and I paid $30.00 for the 6 ounce tube.

    Zirhr-Scrub: Bought a 3.3 ounce tube of this at Marshalls for around $6.00 and it's pretty nice. Kind of in the middle ground between the Lab Series and Jack Black. Not too harsh, not too mild. Plus it has a nice mild earthy smell to it.
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  15. I like Pacific Shaving pre-shave wash. It has bamboo particles in it and willow bark extract which acts as a natural salicylic acid.
  16. I just picked up a travel sized version of the Billy Jealousy Liquid sand via my birchbox last month. It's not bad, smells like the Nivea scrub, but the grit is not as harsh as Nivea. I try to stay away from any cleansers with alcohol in them. If you want to go the all-natural root, when I run out of Lush products I always find their Dark Angel's scrub does wonders for my face.
  17. $lsh003.01_com_LUSH+Dark+Angel+in+Pot.JPG
    I began using this stuff from Lush. It's pretty expensive, but once you break it down to cost per use it's similar to buying a luxury cream over a more competitively priced cream that performs well (Proraso vs. 3 T's, for example). It's all natural ingredients, the list of which you can sort of make out in the picture (and can count the ingredients on all of your fingers!) and is a great charcoal scrub. Leaves my skin feeling BBS (minus stubble), for real. And it's intended to be used on oilier skin. Check it out if you have a local lush.

  18. I have been using this one for about 10 years now. I use the medicated one. Works great.
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