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  1. After reading about injectors, I'm curious to see what one shaves like. I've searched the forum and while there are threads discussing some of the characteristics of various models and blades, aggressive vs. non-aggressive, etc., I never found anything that really recommended a particular model as a good introduction.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, what would be the most recommended "starter" injector and blades?
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    I personally like the Schick L-1 model because of its longer handle and Ted Pella blades. For 20 blades it's about $5.
  3. Yes L type is a very good injector to start with. You can also try the J type.
    (also with a long handle)
  4. Thanks for the advice. I should have an L-1 coming to me soon, courtesy of the B/S/T forum!
  5. Uh oh. Does this mean that not all Schick Injectors can use the Ted Pella blades? I have a Schick Injector from the '40s on the way to me and also some Ted Pella's.
  6. Suzuki

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    No worries, the Pella blades fit all the injectors.
  7. I honestly don't believe that the Ted Pella blades are a requirement to enjoy a decent shave with the injector razor. Many other injector blades work great, and it is good to get them while you can because they are not going to be around for ever. I regularly use both DE and injector, and still hold the opinion that the injector razors are second to none. I believe any injector razor made with the Y- or the T-head geometry (1957 and later) is a very decent injector razor to try. That includes the "I", "J", "L", "M" "N" and "O".
    Check out the shaveworld encyclopedia for a large sampler of schick injector razors (choose Schick from the drop "Type" menu):
  8. What makes you say that?
  9. The demand is dwindling and wil hit the point that Schick will not find it profitable to continue making them---
    They are totally committed to the disposable line.
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    That's where places like Pella come in - the injector blades are used for a variety of medical/scientific purposes and there's likely more demand in these areas than for shaving. I suspect someone will continue making injector blades for a considerable period, but it will be harder to find them in B&M stores.

    I've got a large stash of NOS Schick blades (made in the US) that should last me a very long time, but will stock up on the Pellas just in case...
  11. Hehe... guess it never hurts to have a little extra... :wink:
  12. Wow! Where do you happen upon a lot that large?

    I have also seen cable strippers that use injector blades.
  13. Were injectors ever sold in the UK?
  14. Taz


    Can not remember the letters off the top off my head but I like the older ones from I think the 30's and 40's That and my Gem are the only non STR8's I use
  15. Yes in the past Injectors were sold in UK but now It's over.
    I bought +- 120 injector's blades (US Schick) on ebay + 21 from a shop in Holland (German Schick)
    I think I'm going to buy also some Pella blades.
    Last summer I bought some GEM blades also from Pella. Very nice people.
    I also reveived some GEM blades from my friend Hugh (thanks again)
    It's really a pitty that you can't find those kind of blades in supermarkets here.
    For Europe, as i said before you can find some Schick or Personna injector blades here
  16. Wow...and I thought I had a stash. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  17. I thought I would resurrect this thread to say that I received my injector, and it is possibly my favorite all-around razor. I'm not even sure which blades I'm using, as the ones I received weren't marked. They're either Ted Pella or Personna. Having grown up with cartridge razors, I find the design and blade angle to be more familiar, and I get very nice shaves - the most comfortable and irritation-free that I've received from any razor. It's not the most aggressive razor (which contributes to the comfortable shave) but even so, I can get a very presentable shave in three passes. It's the best balance I've found between comfort and closeness.

    These seem to be often overlooked and I'm surprised that they are not more often recommended to those converting from cartridge razors. Less of a learning curve, I'd think (though you still need to cut back on the pressure).

    I can easily see this becoming my daily go-to razor, especially if I was in a hurry.
  18. i can still find wilkinson injector blades , but for a price, 5 blades foer 3.5 euros
  19. Mental, you're entirely right as far as I'm concerned. Getting into wetshaving sounded like a decent learning curve, but I just picked up an E series on Ebay (one with the bakelite handle) and I'm planning on using it as my springboard into wetshaving. Less learning curve, and hopefully if I decide to go to a regular DE I'll be partially trained! :biggrin:
  20. I went from disposable multi blade razors to DE's, then to the injector and I think I'm staying with the injector over the DE (I am investigating straights though and hope to move on to them). Honestly I did NOT try every combination of DE razor and blade, but I tried a few within a couple of months, and when I tried my injector for the first time I got a closer shave with less irritation right off the bat (or rather, after I figured out why it wasn't shaving for me AT ALL. It's a long story in another thread. Search if you like).

    As for blades, yesterday I discovered that Personna is now marketing a blade under the name "mini shaper blades" that appears to be an injector blade. Corroborating evidence that these are the same as injector blades is the fact that I have seen them marketed as fitting the Monsieur Charles replaceable blade straight which is advertised as taking injector blades. They also appear to be distributed in an injector style dispenser, though some pictures seem to "crop" the "key" portion of the dispenser.

    Prices for these Personnas seem to be in line with Ted pella's prices. I intend to order some to try in my injector. I'm considering ordering a Monsieur Charles straight as well.

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