Trumper's skin food as a pre-shave.

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  1. I know I've seen this mentioned recently by a couple of members. I'm a method shaver fyi. I tried using the samples of Coral Skin food as a pre-shave today and the results were fascinating. I usually have to wait 36 to 48 hours before I can shave again because when my whiskers are longer they soften better. But this stuff softened my beard at barely 24 hours. I could really feel the difference in how the stubble felt after running my hand over it after I used the Skin Food with Kyles Prep. I finally experienced what it's like to not really hear the whiskers being cut. Thanks to the people I heard this from and I highly recommend trying this.
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    I use it with every shave
  3. What about using it after your shave? My usual routine is a dab of Aqua Velva then my application of hydrolast tonic/conditioner/tonic. Even after that my face still feels a little tight and I put some lime skin food on and it soothed it even further. I think I'm really going to like this stuff.
  4. How much did you use?
  5. I would say a little more than a dollop. Just enough to coat my face and neck evenly.
  6. Many Trumper's barbers use Skin Food liberally as a pre-shave. It does help with razor glide and leaves the skin feeling very nice post-shave, no need for any balm really. Rinse the razor well, it can clog it up easier.
  7. I use Trumper's Skin Foods routinely, but not so much because of their beard softening properties, but because of their moisturizing properties. That makes for a much less irritating shave in my case. You could try other concoctions that have a high glycerin content (you could even make your own), or just stick with the Trumper's Skin Foods if they work for you. They also smell great.

    Best - MM
  8. I'm new to the whole "skin food" thing -- what exactly is the skin food suppose to do and when is it typically applied?

  9. It's more of a "sealant" than anything else. It's normally applied after everything else is applied, aftershave balm and all.
  10. Very interesting, this is something I've been considering. You mentioned that you use it in conjunction with Kyle's shave preparation (don't we all?!) - did you put the CSF on with your lather, and then use hot towels, or did you CSF after the hot towels?

    I'm wondering if it will stay on the skin after soaking in hot towels, you see - in which case I'd apply it immediately before the lather for my first pass.

    Many thanks, and toodlepip,

  11. Oops. I posted a review on the skin food today saying that I felt the need to moisturise after applying the skin food. So that's what I've been doing wrong. :confused1 Will try it vice versa tomorrow. Thanks
  12. Tried it this morning before and after shave (just got my samples) and its certainly does work well. Less irritation and nicer feeling skin. My routine this morning was...

    Hot shower
    Warm Lather (Bigelow's)
    1 pass, lather, 2 pass, lather, 3 pass...
    Theyers Rose Witch Hazel
    Art of Shaving ASB (still going through my mini sample)

    Face feels hydrated, smooth, silky, and even smells nice :001_smile
  13. I advised you that it was little use as a pre-shave. However I take that back. Now I apply immediately before the lather as you suggest and yes, IMO it does make a difference. Sorry for giving you a bum steer.
  14. As in, before your first-pass-shave lather, or before your under-the-hot-towels lather? :)


  15. Before the first pass shave lather. I've ditched the hot towels altogether in favour of a hot bath instead. But please don't follow my advice as I shave to suit myself. Why not try all combinations to achieve that BBS shave we all strive for?
  16. Would this work as well or better than a pre-shave oil, pre-shave of course? :biggrin:
  17. Thats what we are talking about. It works well as a pre shave oil, if it's better thats only something you can decide... I preferre it.
  18. My head hurts. :001_unsur
  19. Thanks! I knew what you were talking about, just wanted to see what the consensus was as to whether or not it works better than most oils out there.
  20. I like it better than oils because it feels less, oily... The results are also eaqual to or better than any pre-oil I have tried...

    I would order the sample pack and see if you like it, its only $5 shipping and gives you a pretty good idea of the whole line of products...

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