Truefitt & Hill Travel brush loosing it's dye?

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  1. I scored a Truefitt & Hill shave kit for a great price. The kit consisted of a tube of T&H Ultra shave creme, tube of T&H Ultra aftershave balm, a bottle of T&H Preshave oil and a T&H (made by Edwin Jagger) travel brush in a container with cap & matching stand.

    So tonight I figured I want to use this brush for tomorrow's shave, so in an attempt to minimize the new brush/wet dog smell I figured I would whip a few batches of lather tonight (good practice to see how the brush hydrates).

    So my first batch after initially soaking the brush in hot water for 5 minutes is with a generous sample of Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum that John at Shaving Essentials so kindly sent me with my last order. In whipping up the lather I notice it turning a brownish color(?!). I looked at the soap and it's pure white, so where is this color coming from? (by the way I definitely need to order some of this soap, great, great lather and what an arroma!

    I rinsed the brush and mug thoroughly and now whip up a batch of Proraso cream, again I notice a little color shift in the lather, so I rinse the brush and notice that it's not as dark as it originally was when I procured it.

    So based on these findings/happenings this brush had been dyed to look darker than it actually is/was. The brush is a good brush, it's very soft and it held water pretty well for such a small brush, though it did lose 2 hairs.

    Have you guys had this happen to any of your brushes? I would presume that the dye they use is not water based, but I may be wrong.
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    Do you think the hair was colored or the handle? This is quite interesting.
  3. Over a dozen brushes from different companies and I've never experienced such a thing.
  4. New brushes can produce a brownish lather which is caused by residue from the manufacturing process. After a few uses this will not happen.
  5. Wow! I can't say I've encountered dye before:confused: I just bought a Kent BK4 & I always clean & shampoo & make a couple of lathers before my actual use of a brush. I first soak it in a bowl of just hot water & this time I used a white bowl. After swirling the brush around I did notice that the water was a little brown (very little) & small debris was present in the bowl. I rinsed & filled the bowl 2 more times before continuing my cleaning process & each time it was cleaner. I've never considered dye? My thought was that is was just dirt or just what was left from making the brush knots. Reason number ONE as to why I clean a brush first before using it! I know some boar knots are dyed or painted but I didn't think badger knots were...

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