Truefitt & Hill Cologne Samples

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Slack, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Anyone know how one can go about obtaining a sample of any of there colognes, or rather just freshman? I looked around for a sample pack but have not been able to find anything.
  2. Go to their website's contact page and send an email asking for samples. (see post above) They'll send you free samples of one of about every fragrance they have, plus samples of their 'Ultimate' pre-shave oil, shave cream, and ASB. A very nice sample set indeed.

    Edit- beaten to the punch
  3. Awesome. Thanks for the quick replies!
  4. Yes, the above is true. They are the only ones that seem to have a free sampler. They are more than willing to send it to you. Very nice indeed. I have received mine and enjoy it.

    Thanks T&H!
  5. While not free, Trumper's does have a sampler that for US residents just amounts to postage. A lot of variety in their sampler as well. I do look forward to receiving the T&H sampler though. Thanks for the info.
  6. personally, i think the T&H sampler is one of the best ones going. very generous selection of their products. trumpers is good as well, although they're pretty stingy on the size of the shaving cream samples which is a real bummer.
  7. Agreed, more than an adequate sampler of their fine offerings. Got more than about 3 or 4 shaves out of this shave cream. The cologne vials are big enough to last a very long time. Excellent. I have not gotten the Trumpers yet so I cannot comment.
  8. Received my samples on Monday. As you can see the large card has the Ultimate comfort samples which consists of:
    1. Pre Shave Oil
    2. Shaving Cream
    3. AfterShave Balm

    The Seven vials contain samples of:
    1. 1805
    2. Clubman
    3. West Indian Limes
    4. Freshman
    5. Spanish Leather
    6. Grafton
    7. Trafalgar

    Will start using them this weekend as my days are a little more relaxed on the weekend. Overall a great sample kit from this manufacture. SWMBO has already decided which colognes she would like me to buy. Lucky Me.
  9. How many shaves worth is that cream?
  10. You inspired me, they're in the mail as we speak :)
  11. does the free sample policy extend to EU customers ? (shipping from the UK i suppose)
  12. Most folks are telling me they get between 2-4 shaves with the sample

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