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  1. So i am new to wet shaving and this site. I will traveling to GA for the Christmas holiday and I was curious about the best way to fly with a safety razor. I hope not to have to check any bags so I know I wouldn't be able to take any razor blades but I'm a little concerned about them taking my razor. Any thought? Thanks!
  2. disregard. A little further searching I was able to find the info. Sorry.
  3. They won't take the razor, but they will take the blades unless they are in checked luggage.
  4. For the benefit of others who want to skim the thread - it is ok to carry on your unloaded safety razor, just do not carry on blades as those will be confiscated.
  5. missed it by that much...
  6. Just be prepared for the fact that you may have to prove to the TSA that the razor isn't loaded with a blade. Otherwise, you should have no problem if you follow the info in the wiki.
  7. :lol:
    Would you believe by 10,000 miles?

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