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  1. I was PIF'd a scuttle a while back. I have had plans to do this ever since I won it, so let me know what you guys think of it. Here's my thought: I used the scuttle for a month, I love it, I have a local potter working on one with some personalizations for me. I would love for everyone to be able to experiment with one, see if it's what they want before they invest in one. There are only two requirements for this PIF. 1. Never have had or used a scuttle. 2. Use it for a month (more or less) then PIF it. Anyone interested (sorry, CONUS only) sign up. I'll pick the winner on 3/28, that will be one month for me, using 4 juggling monkeys or something similar. Good luck!
  2. I am definitely interested, since I have been contemplating the purchase of a scuttle for months. Great idea! Thanks.
  3. Awesome idea! I'm not in because I have my own pet projects right now, but wish all the entrants the best of luck. This is an awesome idea.
  4. I would like to be considered, I have never used a scuttle and I will PIF it when aim done. Hopefully I will enjoy it enough to order my own.
  5. I'd be interested, but my travel schedule is such that -- should I win -- I'd fail to properly PIF it. Thank you, but I decline.
  6. Count me in. I've been eyeing scuttles for a few weeks now and I just can't pull the trigger.
  7. Great idea, sir, i love my Dirty Bird Little Bird. Good luck with the PIF.
  8. I would love to be included, I don;t have to be first =)
  9. Only 4 people? Thought I had a good idea, I guess maybe not so much huh?
  10. Add me to the list, please
  11. Great idea. Count me in!
  12. Add me to the list, please. I have never used a scuttle and have been interested in trying one out. This would be a perfect opportunity.

  13. I'm CyberJCM, and I approve this idea! :thumbup:
  14. Count me in, have never used one and will pay it forward! Include me in the PIF list!
  15. Great Idea for a PIF. I'm in. I'd love to try it. I am not unhappy with my current set up. Right now I use an improvised bowl in mug. I'd like to see if an actual scuttle is any better.
  16. I would very much like to try a scuttle, so count me in. I've been playing with floating my lathering dish in a sink of hot water for a while and like how that works, so the scuttle should be even better.
  17. I think this is a great idea! I've been curious, but not enough to pull the trigger. Would love to demo one, and then pass it along! Thanks!
  18. I'd love to give a scuttle a try.
  19. Don't lie!
  20. Hey guys. I think if you wouldn't get terribly upset, I will just start a list of players. Mail it to the first, let him keep it for a 2-3 weeks, post pics, reviews, etc. Then send it to the next person on the list. I will include the current list when I send it out, try to keep it updated here, when you send it one, add the new names to the list. See how far and how long this thing will go. Would everyone be ok with that? I know it's changing the game a little, but it's really what I intended from the start. The list is:

    1. Itaforte
    2. HellaHella
    3. NickyBobby
    4. CosmicDoom
    5. Hogwild USMC
    6. TripleT
    7. Red-Leg
    8. Elmango
    9. Skyrider55
    10. Pugslycat
    11. Mechanically
    12. Joamo

    Itaforte, if you will PM me your address, I'll send it your way ASAP.
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