Travel size alternative to The Body Shop Macca Root Shave Cream

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  1. This is my favorite shave cream, but their smallest tube or tub is larger than three ounces. (Well, they make a smaller one but it's only available in a kit with three other products that I don't want)

    Knowing what I like, what would you recommend as an alternative that comes in a <3oz size tube?

    (I am not interested in repackaging what I have into a film cannister or whatever)
  2. Buy a small container and fill it up from the larger container.
  3. Nancy Boy Travel size...2oz, 59g

    this is a TUB not a TUBE, but still nice for travel.
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  4. Try Kiss My Face. Just as good of a lather, nice cushion for the price, and comes in a travel size for about $5.99. Similar to the Macca Root in that you can't really over lather it. I have both and use them primarily for travel, good results with both for the price.
  5. Was in NYC, sprung for the Acqua de Parma at Barneys. WOW it is spectacular. Should be for >$40, but at least it is.
  6. WCS has the wonderful line of Castle Forbes SCs in a nice travel size jar for a reasonable amount. If you have not tried them, this may be the way to do so.



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