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  1. I hate to do this, but I am going to have to ask for advice on..gulp...a non DE razor for traveling.
    I travel for work(sales) and spend at least one day a week on an airplane and in a hotel. When I travel I do not check my baggage because typically it is just a small suitcase and my briefcase, plus it is $50 to check a bag and I doubt my company is going to pay that just so I can bring my Merkur with me.
    What I want to know is for those who travel what type of razor do you take with you?
    I have been looking at the Gillette Sensor Excell since it only has 2 blades, but wanted to see if there were any recommendations.

    Thanks everyone for the help.
  2. Just throwing this out there...but have you looked into an injector? I don't know if they're airplane approved. They're pretty safe because you can't take the blade out without a key and they only have one blade.
  3. You'll find a number of Sensor fans here; I haven't tried one in a long time but have heard good things about it. I usually pack a Trac II handle when I go carry-on.
  4. Don't try it. An injector is not carry-on safe unless it's empty.

    EDIT: You may want to check the wiki if you haven't already; there's some good travel info there.
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  5. Try a Bic Metal.
  6. When I get into those situations where I gotta fly I like to use my Trac II (Bump-Fighter Handle) or Atra cart razors using Personna blades. It gives pretty good results and is a cheap setup. The Sensor is also a good alternative. Try them all and see which on is more to your liking.
  7. I use a SE when I go home (600ish miles from school, so I fly). Sure, you have to spend $4 on a pack of blades when you get where you are going, but it is a lot cheaper than a $50 bag.
  8. Sensor for me. TSA friendly and it gives me quick, easy shaves, which is exactly what I need on the road. Plus, they don't create as much plastic waste as disposables.
  9. luvmysuper

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    The sensor is about the last decent razor that Gillette made. It works pretty well, considering it's a cart razor. I think it would suit you fine. You could also check into the Atra type razors available, the blades are considerably cheaper, as they are made in generic form. The Trac 2 works well also and the blades are sold generically. The Trac 2 is an easy choice because you can buy a "Bump Fighter" Razor, and that handle fits the Trac 2 blades. It also shaves better than the Atra, in my opinion.

    If I had to use a cart, my personal choice in order would be;
    Trac 2

    Regarding travel - I travel a lot, and I always check a bag when I fly. Your company should be willing to expense the checked bag fee. It isn't for your Merkur - it's for your personal belongings that you must bring along on a trip that is mandated by the company, not you.

    Injectors are not allowed on planes either. Only cartridge type blades (embedded in plastic) are allowed.
    That is the definitive word from the TSA
  10. I liked the Sensor 2 blade Excell. I used one for quite awhile before switching to the 3 & 4 blade monsters. I actually went back to the Sensor about a month before going DE. While waiting for my 1st DE, I was using the Sensor with my brush and Proraso and it gave me some great close shaves.
  11. Another vote for a Trac II handle and Personna Plus 2 cartridges.

    - Chris
  12. Have you looked into the Merkur travel DE. It comes in both the safety bar and the open comb. When its broken down it fits into its own leather pouch that's only a couple inches wide. If its broken down and not loaded with a blade it'll pass through the TSA. Then you can get a pack of DE blades when you arrive at your destination.

    This razor is also an excellent shaver, and well worth having. :thumbup1:
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    Why not just buy a duplicate of your favorite DE razor and blades, and leave that at home?
  14. I bought a Gillette Super Click for travel, the razor is all plastic , very lightweight, and very cheap to buy.
    Paired whit a Feather blade it makes a great travel razor.
  15. luvmysuper

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    The problem is not so much with which razor, but with razor blades. If you are going to mail blades ahead or check a bag, then you might as well use a nice hefty razor.
    Since he can't bring blades on board the plane, the type of DE razor he might use is moot.
  16. Another vote for Bic Metal or Bic Sensitive :001_smile
  17. First, I'd look at whether I could mail some blades ahead for someone to keep for me (and that includes a hotel where I had a reservation). If there wasn't time to do that, and I didn't want to spend the time at my destination trying to find decent DE, SE, injector, whatever, blades, I'd just bring my Atra.

    I have two of the old, decent quality, Atra handles. CVS "Pivot Plus" cartridges are less than 50¢ each if you buy a 20 pack. They shave, well, pretty well if you use soap and brush rather than "canned goo".
  18. So it's not permit to bring DE blades on plane when you travel?
  19. luvmysuper

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    No. Not at all, under any circumstances.
    If you get caught doing so, it's possible detention / jail and $1100.00 fine per incident.
    That means a 10 pack of blades would cost you Eleven Thousand dollars in fines.
  20. Wow, i didn't knew that, better to bring a Bic razor then.

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