Travel kit: Sensor vs Sensor Excel vs Mach3

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  1. okay. I have been DE shaving for 2 years now. I love it. I am going on vacation and I want to put together a "fast shave" kit. In the past when I've wet shaved on vacation it just took too much time. I wanted to get done and out to enjoy myself.

    So, my dilemma, which cartridge razor:
    1) original sensor (no rubber strip)
    2) sensor excel - has rubber strip
    3) Mach 3 - has rubber strip and 3 blades.

    Okay so a little more info. I had used the Mach3 for like 8 years. I still own the handle. The cons to the Mach3 are the cost, and I had ingrown hairs in the past.

    Sensor - never tried it. I'd have to buy a handle and the blades. The blades are cheaper. Probably less irritation. However, I heard they get clogged with hair.

    What do you guys recommend?

    Anyone have an old sensor handle laying around? Pm me.

    So please give me some feedback.
  2. I only, repeat ONLY, use a cartridge when I am deployed. I keep a Mach 3 just for that purpose, but I refuse to use it otherwise. Scrap them!
  3. I completely agree. My skin has never felt or looked better since I've been wetshaving.

    However, I need to decide on a cartridge for speed while traveling.
  4. Regular sensor,you dont need more than that.Its actually the one that I used with the Wilkinson FX performer after I tried everything else(Macth 3,Wilkison quattro)I realized that 2 blades is was more than enough.Now I discovered that one is what we really need so dont go over two blades.Greetings
  5. it sounds like the Mach3 is the "devil you know" while the Sensor is the one you don't.

    For what it's worth my cartridge preference is:

    1. Original Sensor (I hate the Sensor Excel - the extra rubber bumper thing never did anything but give me a bad shave)

    2. Mach3 original (the Mach3 Turbo was the same as the Excel - more rubber bumper things that messed up the original design).

    I'd try the basic Sensor and see if you like it any better than the Mach3.
  6. The bic metal, a cheap disposable razor, is probably the closest to de shaving you can get. A good brushless cream (I like the stuff from Trader Joe's but there are others) and that and you should be golden.
  7. I have Musgo, I know I can use that brushless.

    As for the Bic metal. I can't find it in my area. I've looked.

    Part of me just says "to hell with it" and I should just order 8 mach3 blades.

    Then again the sensor is supposed to be better, but I'd have to also buy the handle.

    I hate decisions.
  8. I have a Sensor handle I can PIF. Nothing fancy, but it hold the blades. PM me if wanted.

    Of the three, I recommend the original Sensor.
  9. i was in a hurry when i had to travel last week and i usually keep my kitt in my carry on .. Due to airport regulations i figured i pull out the Devil Mach 3 .. I got a decent shave it mind u i did spend a ton of time pre prep and lots n lots of lather
  10. You can find them online. I believe Walgreens online has them. Also have you considered a travel razor. PaulDog has the feather portable for less than 10 bucks. I got one and really enjoy it for travel.
  11. Of the three in your list I would choose the Sensor.

    But, if you were to go back a little further, the Atra or even the Trac 2 would be my pick.

    Bic Metals are also available from blademail (that might be They are very aggressive for a disposable. As others have said - you do get the DE feeling with one of those little chaps.
  12. Shaving with your DE vs cartridge cannot possible take you that much longer. You don't have to do the whole process you know.

    Lather, shave. Lather shave. You've just completed a two pass shave. Congrats. :thumbup:
  13. Let's put it this way... Will you enjoy the vacation less if your shave isn't as good? If the answer is yes then DE it is... otherwise go nuts!
  14. Bic single blade disposable! One blade, comes in a pack of twelve for less than five bucks. Don't go back to the cartridge.

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