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  1. At home recuperating from some injuries... and a nice pkg showed up.
    Recently - I decided to sell my travel touch up hone, which was a nice Verte Coticule. Not for any real reason, the Verte was a good stone. Mostly - on my last trip, I decided I wanted a bigger surface to work on, and since I'm leaning more toward Jnats these days I felt that was the way to go. My goal is to create a form-fitted box with some nagura in it so I'll have a full set to work with should I want to do that. On my last trip I picked up 6 straights at an antique mall so it's not beyond me to want to hone while on vacaton; honing an edge is a nice way to minimize the stress from driving.
    Anyway - It's an Ozuku, and I just finished lapping it. How hard is it? Well, that water has been sitting there for a good long time now. I think it's a pretty hard stone...
    I lapped it on a 180x Nambutama, then an 800x Chosera, followed by a 2k Chosera then a BBW. It stuck to the BBW pretty good, I think this is the flattest stone I have now.

  2. very cool!
  3. Wid


    Real nice!!!
  4. Nice stone! Is that pattern considered karasu?
  5. I honestly don't know...
    Karasu means crow, and I don't 'see' any crows in there.
    On the other hand, I don't see crows in most stones sold as 'Karasu' either.
  6. Very nice gamma.
  7. Nice stone, get well soon.
  8. Cool... I didn't know that. The karasu stones are hard, bottom-layer stones, from what I understand... like yours. Usually the black patterns I have seen are small blotches... I thought maybe it was just a unique pattern.
  9. I don't know that all Karasu are hard, but I did read 330Mate's page where he put that down in print. I've seen at least one Karasu Suita for sale online, if I remember it wasn't all that hard.
    This Ozuku is very hard. One weirdo thing about it is that the slurry that it gave up when lapping is tan/brown and so very silky smooth it's disarming. I'm tired from lapping it, and right now the lacquer I put on it's sides and bottom are drying - so I won't get to test it until tomorrow or the next day. I have a good feeling about it, but, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. So - that will be another day.
  10. Very cool, I love the looks of it. You always seem to find some amazing pieces too. I really like the hard Jnats. I finally got my first one. It's amazing thanks for advice you gave me too! It was sold as a good introduction to hard Jnats and perfect size for a traveler. Is it me or do they seem to have the biggest travel razors hones out of anyone else. Like the jnats travelrs are twice the size. Which is fine with me because I prefer bigger hones. Addicting bastards too new I should have resisted !!! those nagura seem to multiple like rabbits too....
  11. Wow - that's a good looking stone! I want.
  12. Now, I know you can spare me some naguras. Nice stones.
  13. very nice, gamma!
  14. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    Looks like the perfect size for circles.
  15. Its just short of 6", fine for x strokes, I only do circles when setting bevels. Even then, not often.
  16. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    I always wanted to try circles, but doing them on a narrow hone is difficult for me and I always manage to drag the edge on a corner. Justification for the next purchase I guess ;)
  17. Most definitely!
  18. *sigh* all these pictures of Oozuku's with breathtaking patterns, especially when wet. Mine just turns a murky-green-pukey color. Oh well, got a great edge off of it today :)

    Beautiful stone Gamma.
  19. Thanks - fwiw, my hardest and finest Jnat is a murky puke green color too. I love stones with a spectacular pattern, but at the end of the day what matters is the edge.
  20. And at the end of the day - the shave was spectacular. Very very smooth edge. This is now definitely my travel stone. All I need to do now is figure out how to make travel Nagura and set up a carry case.

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