Travel Case for a Gillette Fusion Power

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  1. Newby here. I would like to find some sort of case or pouch for the above. When traveling, which I do regularly, I used to put the razor in the plastic case it came with, but on one trip this punctured my tube of tooth paste. Just leaving it in my dop bag caused it to nick something else, with suitably messy results.

    I ordered the leather AoS leather travel pouch, thinking that their association with Gillette would mean it'd fit, but I was wrong...
  2. When I used it, I just tossed it into my bag without a razor in it.

    Have you ever considered using a DE?
  3. It's plastic. Does it really need a case? Now if you are travelling with a nice razor like a DE or a straight, we can make some recommendations there. Don't worry, we'll convert you soon enough. You will knuckle under the pressure to get rid of that Fusion thingy.
  4. Resistance is futile...
  5. It does when I opened up my dop bag in a hotel room to find minttooth paste everywhere and a guilty looking 5 blade in the immediate proximity...:biggrin:
  6. Well, if you had only one blade, you would have 1/5 of the chance of ripping the toothpaste tube....
  7. Merkur makes a leather pouch for its larger razors. It might work for the fusion as well.

  8. As a side note I would take the battery out before travelling. It's quite embarrassing to have the customs people staring at you, wondering why you're dopp bag is vibrating wildly! Another reason to convert, hahaha.
  9. :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  10. A great idea! But why not go ahead and order the razor that goes with it, for a well-fitting package! Or, perhaps putting the toothpaste in a separate ziplock baggie? Just my $.03.
  11. Not sure if you can take a DE on the plane with you.

  12. I play football/soccer and when we go away I take a fusion instead of my DE. Its just easier doing the quick shave rather than the DE one when sharing a hotel bathroom. I don't use a brush either. Just recently on an away trip I threw my tube of CE Sandalwood into my toiletries bag (usually smear on the cream and fusion it away, works well). Somehow the tube managed to get a nick in it. My precious tube has been damaged. It was such a nice tube of cream too, now it leaks everytime I use it. I blamed the fusion! I take a tube of Speick now. To make sure it never happens again I separate the cartridge from the handle and wrap it in paper and store it in a side pocket. Spending money on a case for a crappy piece of plastic just doesn't seem worth it. For a DE on the other hand :o16:.

    - Aaron
  13. To answer the actual question: Save those little trays that new blades come in. Stick the blade you are using back into a tray when you need to travel. The handle should be fine by itself.
  14. rav


    Exactly what I have always done with my M3 and blades.

    Which reminds me I must revisit my M3 after 6 months or so of DE shaving.
  15. The Nid Hog

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    That's exactly what I used to do. Simply detach the blade assembly. I'd usually time it so that I could throw out the one I was using and load a new one out of the tray when I got to wherever I was going.
  16. You can take the razor handle but not the blades. See here for more.
  17. Thanks. I am going to be traveling to Cancun in July and need to be prepared.

  18. I actually had this returning to college my sophmore spring semester. I got back to my room, and while I was on the phone, I could hear a vibration the entire time. I couldn't tell what it was for HOURS until I unpacked, then I had to change the battery. No more with a Merkur!
  19. Hello

    Question about the Merkur case that was posted. Would it fit a Gillette SUper Speed?

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