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    Greetings! I've been looking at getting my first tattoo. I'm a big fan of both traditional shaving and traditional tattoos. I'm looking for ideas. As shown in my example above I'm looking for something in the sailor jerry style. I'm just wondering if anyone here has anything along this theme featuring straight razors, shaving gear, etc.

  2. I don't know of anyone that has something like that. I have 2 1/2 sleeves and love tattoos, that is awesome.

    You should do it before I do and it is not a one off!
  3. SWMBO has convinced me to spend money on a tattoo instead of more shaving crap for now. :lol:

    Hopefully I will have it soon. I was thinking involving an apothecary mug and brush with a vintage DE razor. I'll probably go talk to her artist soon and see if we can work something up
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    "what do those little numbers on DE blades mean?"
  5. I have a straight razor tattooed on my right calf. Be aware that some items have certain meanings in the tattoo world and that people may make assumptions based on your art.
    A straight razor, for instance, often signifies that the wearer is a rehabilatated drug user or alcoholic. The razor, being straight, symbolises straight edge.
    As an ex user my straight razor is surrounded by roses (new life) and has a diamond in the middle (hard, forged by pressure). I'm happy for people who can read the signs to know my past.
    Obviously a tattoo is a highly personal thing and what means something to me may mean something totally different to you, but you should be aware that if you get a straight razor tattooed on you, people may assume you were an addict.

  6. Would "Addicted to shaving" do? :blushing: Not to make light of the symbollism.

    After 5 years working "behind razor wire" seeing both fantastic and horrendous tats - I hadn't heard that particular meaning. Although, not many people on enforced holidays probably feel a need to publicly display their former/addict status. Neither do the caretakers tend toward that particular motivation for inking, even though they are as inked as the people they are looking after.

    Congrats on having passed through a pretty hard road in life btw.
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  7. I was just talking to my friend who is a tattoo artist a couple weeks ago about tatting a straight on me for my first tat. I too love traditional tattoo artwork and Sailor Jerry is about as traditional as it gets. I love that pic. Are you for sure going to get it because I might just steal it from you.

    Also I love the artwork that comes on the Sailor Jerry bottles.

    Edit: Looks like this tat has been done before. Found this on the SRP
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  8. I do not have much experience at all reading the true meaning of tattoos but in my opinion that tattoo kinda tells me that you live a life of being hard. If I mess with you I will either get the billy club, the razor, or the knucks to the face or neck. I do not perceive that as a traditional shaving type tattoo. I mean no disrespect to your decision or interest, that was just the first thing that came to mind.

    When I think of a traditional shaving tattoo I think like the nose art of a WWII bomber with a pin up girl holding a straight razor. I do know that A lot of folks have that sort of rockabilly tattoo but how many have one of a pin up girl holding a razor?
  9. +1
  10. What is that curved baseball bat looking thing in it?

    The straight looks really cool.

    - Aaron
  11. The whole design makes me think of the "razor gangs" of 19th century Sydney.

    When a "razor gang" was a bunch of standover thugs, who cut you up if you didn't pay your "insurance". :blink:
    No doubt, the billy club and dusters fit right in there.
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    A blackjack, brass knuckles and a bloody straight? Man, traditional shaving at your house is hardcore. I kinda think this tattoo doesn't have anything to do with shaving.

    What about a foaming mug, brush and crossed razors?

    Or the Lil' Devil lathered up and shaving his chin?

    Or a laughing skeleton riding a giant Fatboy?

    A vintage bottle of Lilac Vegetal surrounded in a wreath of roses and a scroll with something like "Live Hard, Shave Close, Smell Bad" written on it?

    Back view of a 40s pinup girl looking back over her shoulder at the viewer. She's hitching up her skirt to reveal--wait for it--the B&B Badger logo tattooed on her tuchis.

    Just some ideas that I think would match the Sailor Jerry aesthetic.
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  14. Sorry for any confusion about the example. That was more for style reasons than actually copying the design. For those who are unaware that is a classic design by Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins.

    I definitely appreciate the information about some of the symbolism.
  15. Straight razor in your den = badass

    I haven't switched over yet, they seem to take a lot of perseverance and effort to do well. (Hone, strop and whatever else)

    I like this one, maybe without the white ribbon and less blood. Most of the tats that came back on google seem to associate straights with weapons used to kill etc ... just look at all that blood on this pic??? But after being told what they really mean I get it now.

    If you're keen to make it about your appreciation for straight shaving maybe the straight with a barberpole or a hot chick through the middle.

    - Aaron
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  16. If you have an idea in your head, any tattoo artist worth going to can draw up what you want if you explain it to them. Make sure you tell them you want it in traditional style.
  17. yep, I have an exceptional artist I will be working with. I wanted to test the waters, get some ideas of what has been done before and I thought it would be a good topic of discussion.
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    I was reading about them at the Femme Fatale exhibition at the Justice & Police Museum in Sydney. Did you get a chance to visit that? Seems they were quite fond of Bengalls, judging from the razors on display.
  19. $WIN_20151127_101214.jpg

    So, I got a straight razor tattoo because I'm a huge fan of American traditional tattoos. It can signify strength, class, and vanity. I mostly got it because straight razors are a huge part of American traditional tattooing history.


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