Tradere SB or Titan M-1?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by drlvegas, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. I'm in the same boat as Claus. I'm about ready to give up on the feather as-d1 after 3 weeks--just can't seem to get a good shave with it. I love everything else about it.

    Are the Tradere and Titan about the same size as the feather? Do both the heads cover the razor tabs(it doesn't look like the titan does)?
  2. You might also wish to consider a cast Ikon as those models are the closest to the Feather AS of the stainless steel razors on the market as they both use casting and have the same matte finish. Ikon also happens to be offering a 5 piece kit which includes a handle, top cap, and three base plates for $199 at the moment. If you go this route and decide to keep the Feather you can use one of the Ikon base plates with it as the Ikon top cap is identical to the one on the feather.
  3. I've only owned the Titan H and can't speak to the M series. I've also owned all the Traderes and the SB is a very fine shaving instrument indeed. It's going to shave you very much like a Slant - although it's built on a whole other level of quality. The Titan is going to feel a lot more like the Feather in regards to "hand feel" while shaving. The Tradere has a more "Pils" type of head and is a bit heavy on the head end - which takes a shave or two to get fully accustomed to.


  4. I haven't tried the Tradere, but was put off by the endcaps. I recently purchased the Titan H1 and it's pretty great. However, you'll hear both ends of the spectrum.
  5. Chaucer

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    What's the problem with the end caps on the Tradere?
  6. Personal preference. It's pretty much my only complaint about my Futur.
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    They are sloped in...i guess its not functional for many users. $Tradere4.jpg
  8. I have the Atlas razor from above the tie and I can tell you the blade tabs are not covered. This makes it much easier to achieve proper blade alignment. I also had a Tradere and I just couldn't get a good shave with it. The blade angle had to be right on all the time or you missed hairs or cut yourself. The longer handle also made the razor feel unbalanced in my hand. I am currently using the R1 head and it fits my style of shaving perfectly. This is my best razor to date and it will never leave my rotation!
  9. Personally, I prefer razors that hide the end tabs of the blades. It's just a pet peeve. If you can't get the blade properly aligned without holding the end tabs and fiddling, the manufacturer didn't do a good job designing and producing the head. Kudos to Feather, iKon, Pils, and Tradere for their razors that don't expose the tabs. Are there other stainless steel razors that don't have tab exposure?

    I like my Weber Polished head model, except for the exposed tabs. I was considering a Titan M1 until I learned they also expose the tabs.

    My PayPal account is itching for a Tradere SB, but Mrs. Pantograph may force me to go to a 12 step SSRADA meeting...
  10. I had both tradere's and sold them for the ATT 3 plate system. The Tradere is more like the ATT R that the M. The M is like the feather but slightly more aggressive Hope that helps
  11. Interesting, I just ordered a Weber with the classic handle. I had an ARC bulldog, but didn't like the coated head, or the short fat handle. Maybe this will do the trick.

    Wish the Feather worked for me--other than performance, it's about perfect for me.
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    So the issue is covered vs. naked blade end tabs.

    Covered is neater and prevents nicks from one type of carelessness. Naked provides a way to align the blade and also makes it easier to maneuver in the tight spots under the nose.

    To me, this issue is not critical in itself, but implementation of the design makes all the difference.

    As examples,my iKon SK9 cap covers the end tabs. The blade aligns itself as I tighten the cap, and the concave ends on the top cap make that just a little easier. I've learned to navigate under my nose with it, but that maneuver is more intuitive if the end caps are naked, as on my R89, my original iKon OC and my Tech. I thought this maneuver was very difficult with a Pils. That was one reason I sold it. On the other hand, the Tech exposes a LOT of sharp blade end.
  13. I'll have to take a look at that. As I think about it, the most jabs I get from the blade ends are with a Tech. I shaved with a slim yesterday & didn't really notice, although the end tabs are exposed.

    Maybe I should be considering iKon as well.

  14. Well, I couldn't stand it any longer and voted with my wallet for a Tradere SB...
  15. I hope the Tradere works out well for you. Let us know how you like it. I don't think you can really go wrong with any of these new solid stainless razors. In the end it all boils down to a matter of personal preference and what works for you.
  16. I recently purchased the Tradere SB and can't believe how well it shaves. I also have a Weber. I will say that it did take a shave to get used to...the head of the razor is flatter and for me makes it easier to shave under the nose. I was looking for a more aggressive razor and got it.

    As far as the ends, I like the look and feel that the blades fit nicely in the Tradere. I paired it with the Weber handle because I like a longer handle. I am sure what ever you choose will be a great choice...I am just glad that we are able to have more Made in the USA options.
  17. Is it much more agressive than the Weber?
  18. +1...but if you don't like it & are interested in a barely used Feather, send me a PM.
  19. Well it looks like I have the Feather sold & it's time to order something--so what's the verdict on the Tradere??

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