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  1. I saw one yesterday and at the end, under Toyota is small letters is their new slogan "moving forward". It should read more like this:


    moving forward​

    at an uncontrolled accelerated rate​

    I wonder how the families are moving forward that lost their loved ones? Some of the cars that Toyota has fixed are reported to still have the problem.
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    It was interesting seeing congress grilling Toyota and then GM announce they're to recall a million cars for steering issues a few days ago.
  3. With cars being controlled more and more by electronics, these sorts of issues will more than likely become more prevalent. As for me, I will stick with cars that have mechanical steering and fuel pedal linkages for as long as I can as I don't like the sluggish feel of drive by wire systems.
  4. azmark

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    As long as no one gets hurt anymore. Just fix the problems.
  5. Exactly! This should be everyone's concern.

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