Toughest watch on the block?

Discussion in 'The Haberdashery' started by Legion, Jun 1, 2010.

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    I am trying to decide on a new watch, one to take the place of my expensive ones when I am doing mental things that can destroy watches.

    This thing has to be tough. Primary concern, it has to be able to hammer in nails all day and then keep good time. Totally soldier proof. What I want is a watch my descendants can look at and say "you see that scratch on granddads old watch? That happened when the steamroller ran over him."

    You get the idea.

    Other stipulations are;

    Must be analogue (No Gshock)
    Must be clear and simple. All I need it to do is tell time. Maybe the date.
    Water proof. deeper the better.
    Not crazily expensive, though I know you get what you pay for.

    That's it guys. What, in your opinion is the most solid, work horse, bullet proof watch I could get?
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  2. Luc

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  3. :lol:

    Seriously, I had a watcher maker recommend a Citizen Eco drive.
  4. This is my favourite, no moving parts but its not waterproof.

  5. Luc

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    Fred Flinstone had a good one but I can find a picture...
  6. Id recommend the Sinn U1 or TAWATEC owned both tough as old boots but you need to define your budget a little more

    These are just that little bit different from most out there, you'll find plenty of good offerings from seiko, citizen, traser and the like.
  7. Looks like it's got a swiss movement to from the dial
    Bar à Café la Grenette
    Place de la Riponne 10
    1005 Lausanne

    ( Lucky , I thought you might have been giving away some of our state of the art Aussie technology ) :lol:
  8. Legion

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    Yeah... I'd love the Sinn but that is getting close to the price of the watches I'm trying to protect.

    Lets say up to $500, give or take.
  9. i thought i was a deep thinker.:blink: looks like you have me beat by a mile!:lol:
  10. Maybe one of these:

    I am not familiar with them but they look cool.
  11. Oh, no. This was a dangerous post for me to open. Now I am trying to figure out how I could possibly sneak a new Sinn 856 into the house...

  12. The Doxa divers are pretty tough. The IWC Ingenieur is also a heavy duty watch.
  13. I would think you could ship it to work and wear it sparingly for a few weeks when having long sleeves on if you're lucky it will be a few weeks/months before she even notices it then you can honestly say you've had it ages from eBay for $50-100 it's a fake:lol: Id never do such a thing obviously swmbo assumed my daytona is fake i never corrected her :blushing:
  14. i would probobly say a miyota powered lumtec,

    being heavly shock resistant and very reliable kind of excludes low grade automatics,
    if you want an automatic, a CWC or a Marathon which are made to military grade would do nicly,
  15. I'd just buy a cheapo watch and if it only lasts a little while, then no big loss. I've had my beater watch for a couple years now. Just a cheap Timex digital, but I'm sure you could opt for an analog.

    Spending up to $500 for a beater is not my cup of tea.

    In fact, my nice watch was less than $200.
  16. A good analog, bulletproof AND < $500 is a tall order friend. That said I've got a watch for you!! Last yr. I had to send my trusty seamaster out for refurbish. (boy is that a tough watch) and got a Customized Seiko 200m dive watch similar to:

    These are silly good and rugged. I got mine from fleabay shipped from a large supplier in Taiwan.
  17. Let's see ...

    Tough - soldier proof . . . check
    Analog . . . check
    Clear and simple - time and date only . . . hmmmm
    Water proof . . . 200M - check
    Not crazy expensive . . . check
    " though I know you get what you pay for" . . . Not necessarily

    You've already ruled out G-Shock? They make analog models which meet your criteria, except that they probably have more bells and whistles than you are looking for. Still, from a functional standpoint, I doubt you'll find anything more durable, and they are extremely accurate.

    Just a thought.
  18. Honestly, a Seiko monster dive watch. A variety of dial colors and pretty much bullet proof.

    Next up would be a Citizen Titanium diver. Usually Eco Drives, these are work horses and very light. Especially relative to size.

    What size watch were you looking for?
  19. If you want a watch for shock producing work no mechanical watch is appropriate. No matter how thick the case the mvmt is basically all the same. Do yourself a favor and get a Casio G Shock.

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