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  1. If you could only have three razors to use for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?
  2. maxman

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    hmmmm. thus far ('cuz I haven't tried everything) I'd say:
    Merkur Futur
    Gillette Fat Boy
    Gillette Slim

    not in any particular order, as that is just too hard to do.
    Merkur Futur because it is a solid performer. Not fancy but well made and sturdy. Good weight too.
    The Fat Boy because it works well with pretty much any blade you put in it.
    The slim is the newest addition to my den. It's sleek and smooth. It fits my hand a little better than the fat boy.
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  3. my current top 3 in my possession:

    Fatboy - because its awesome
    46 Aristocrat - because its awesome
    03' Double Ring - because its the oldest
  4. My "golden" open comb;
    My Rotbart Mond Extra open comb
    My Enigma bar comb.

    They all give me GREAT shaves. The open combs are more versatile, so easier to steer over my face, and they do not clog. So they are 1 and 2.
  5. 1. 1912 GEM Jr
    2. Senator
    3. Schick L Type

    In that order because they represent the three primary types of razors and are the best of each. IMHO of course.
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  6. 1. Feather AC straight

    2. Merkur Classic 1904

    3. Merkur HD

    Just because IMHO they are really great razors. :thumbup:
  7. In no particular order:

    Merkur Slant-Bar
    Gillette Aristocrat open-comb
    Gillette New Ball-End

    Why? Consistently close shaves with ease and comfort.
  8. I still have a few to try but so far:
    merkur hd
    merkur progress
    trac ii if it counts, if not my futur.
  9. 1) gold Merkur slant bar
    2) Big Fellow open comb
    3) silver Bostonian
  10. EJ DE89L
    Fat Boy
    Merkur gold slant bar
  11. sheraton

    OC micromatic

    L type injector
  12. From the few that I've used, this is how I would rank them:

    1. Early, Pre-War Tech
    2. Super Speed (regular)
    3. Blue-Tip Super Speed

    Numbers 2 and 3 could be interchangable, but my pre-war Tech is definitly the best razor I've used!
  13. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor


    Merkur 42 "1904";
    Merkur 34c "HD";
    Merkur 38c "HD Barber Pole".
  14. nEver-Ready

    nEver-Ready Contributor

    Gillette New Deluxe
    Gem 1912
    Gem Lather Catcher
  15. Merkur Progress- so far this is my workhorse!
    Bostonian- love the weight and style of this open comb!
    1948 Aristocrat- just feels good in the hand and always gives me a great shave!:lol:
  16. That's a tough one so many good picks.

    GEM 1912
    Schick Injector E Type
    40's Aristocrat Jr.
  17. 1) Slim
    2) Ball end
    3) Ever-Ready 1912
  18. EJ DE89L

    Gillette Fat Handle Tech

    "Golden" open comb

    All give me a great, comfortable shave.
  19. mine would be :

    - muhle r41
    - gem micromatic
    - merkur futur
  20. All Gillettes...

    1) Tech (ball-end criss-cross cut handle pattern 70's): I remember thinking during my Adjustable and Slant phases that the people who recommended a Tech and Feather were just goofy. I was wrong, they were right. First, the handle is just plain gorgeous. Second, the combo with the Feather lands me smack-dab at the end of the rainbow in Shave-ana.

    2) Super-Speed (early 50's or black handle late 60's/early 70's): Inexplicably, these provide finer shaves than my early 60's SS.

    3) Short Handle Black Beauty: Heavy, which is nice occasionally. Named appropriately, for it is beautiful. Gillettes last attempt at making something mechanically and aesthetically admirable (I believe the criss-cross Tech came out before this razor). The black Super Speeds are nice, but I've never liked the look of the flaired end.

    I've gravitated away from the longer razors (long-handled Black Beauty and Merkur 39C Slant). Short-handled razors seem to become an extension of my hand/wrist. I find myself thinking less about the razor and managing it.


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