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  1.  I took delivery of a new custom made brush this week and thought that some may like to see it.

    Firstly, I should say that I have had the raw material in my possession for over twenty years before the light in my head came on late last year.

    Here it is :




    The brush was made for me by Bill Jack ( Le Tuft ) here in the UK, and a superb job he did too.

    The raw material was a Minkie Whale tooth. Hence my " Toothbrush "


    The knot is a 24mm Two Band Finest, with extra hair,from TGN, I believe.

    The natural material has a feel to it that cannot be duplicated by synthetic products, IMO.

    I was always under the impression that Minke Whale fed on squid, but this beauty just eats MWF !

    It is a superb brush to use and the craftsmanship from " Le Tuft " is excellent.

  2. Excellent Brush , Congrats...
  3. Unique custom brush. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  4. djh

    djh Moderator

    Very nice. Thanks for posting the pics- enjoy that beauty.
  5. shm


    Congrats on the brush :thumbup:

    It is a true beauty :drool:

    - and I agree totally, natural materials can't be substituted they have an appeal (at least to me) which plastic/resin doesn't have.
  6. That's exceedingly cool. Thanks for posting.

    - Mark
  7. That is hard to beat, great brush. You won't be getting tired of that in a hurry.
  8. OtherMoe

    OtherMoe Contributor

    Wow! That is sweet.
  9. A very attractive brush.
  10. How does one get a whale tooth lol
  11. huge +1!
  12. That is a very interesting brush, one of a kind I am sure. Sweet! Thanks for sharing.
  13. SOS


    He's an orthodontist at SeaWorld.
  14. Wow, whale tooth! What an amazing brush!
  15. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Congratulations on a fine brush!
  16. Really nice brush. I like the subtle waves of colour that flow through the handle.

    I'd avoid the water for a while, I am sure that when Minkie woke up she would have been pretty peeved. This is just going to make it tougher for the next brush maker to sneak up on her. You would think we could have gotten a nice picture of a whale tooth brush handle at the end of 600 pages of Moby Dick, at least we get to see it now, thanks NOTSHARP.
  17. that's "killer" (or maybe not).. cool brush...
  18. That is a very nice brush.
    Excellent craftsmanship!!
  19. That is an awesome brush. Congrats.
  20. Nice. Now I am trying to be creative and think about what I can turn into a brush handle.

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