Tony Miller and His Artisan Latigo Strop

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  1. When the postman arrived this morning he delivered what can only be described as a piece of functional art, a Tony Miller 3" Artisan Red Latigo Strop with handles! It also came with the practice strop that I ordered.

    The 3" Artisan:-

    Boy oh boy, the quality of this thing is AWESOME, as is the build!.
    It kind of left me wondering whether Tony wants repeat orders from his customers? After all, this thing looks like it could do faithfull service for a lifetime and more.

    The Practice Strop:-

    Well being new to str8s I intend to cut my teeth on this one before going anywhere near the Artisan. Once mastered I will use it as a travel strop, and a very serviceable travel strop it should prove to be.

    The Man Himself:-

    Tony can only be described as a modern day gentleman. His level of service was, quite litterally, second to none. He is extremely helpfull, efficient, knowledgable, polite and courtious.

    I live in County Durham, United Kingdom and would unreservedly recommend anyone living here to do business with him.

    My little setup cost me around £58 including delivery, which I think was still very competative.

    Go on guys give him a go, you definately won't be disapointed. :biggrin:

    A Huge THANK YOU Tony for your excellent work and help.

  2. netsurfr

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    You will be very satifsied with Tony's productss!
  3. I have a 2 1/2" red latigo and linen on D-rings. For the price, his stuff can't be beat.

    +1 on the starter strop too, better safe than sorry!
  4. Good to hear more people having positive experinces with Tony Miller strops. Before the 3" red latigo i owned an illinois strop and a dovo strop both of which cost only a fraction less than the TM strop shipped to england and neither have any where near the craftsmanship, durability and quality.

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    Perhaps we should replace the "strops" froum with the "Tony Miller" forum, and only one (locked) thread, with a link to his website.


    +1 on both the man and his work.


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