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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by rickcharles606, Mar 10, 2012.

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    Alright Guys...I've worn this so many times, and have really enjoyed it. Yesterday, I got out of the shower and per usual applied my fragrance, Arabian Wood. I didn't think anything about it, but after a few minutes....all I could smell was celery seed. I kept getting a "bitter" smell and I'm not sure what it was in the fragrance that I was smelling. Any ideas what it was?

    Edit: I assumed it was just me, and just went about my day and got several unsolicited "wow, you smell nice...what is that?" comments from women, so at least the ladies that I encountered enjoyed it, lol.
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  2. Well, it just might celery seed you're smelling! I wouldn't be surprised, anyway, but I've never experienced anything of the sort from Arabian Wood myself so I'm not sure I can help. On occasion we can experience something called anosmia from wearing the same fragrance over and over again. This explains how some folks become "that cologne guy," but in your case a single note (or more?) is coming through. Bizarre, but I believe it.
  3. rickcharles606

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    I've checked the ingredients and there's no celery seed, lol. Who knows, but I'm not getting nasal/olfactory fatigue because I can still smell it many hours later. It's definitely got some longevity. I suppose that it's not that big of a deal, because people aren't looking at me like they want to smear me with cream cheese ;-)
  4. I'm laughing because when I read "celery seed," my mind went to The Veg which smells like celery and cabbage to me. And I would definitely never have thought to compare a TF scent with The Veg!
  5. I'll bet cha it's wormwood. Ever tried caron's yatagan? Many people on these boards refer to it as having a celery scent. That's wormwood.
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  6. rickcharles606

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    wormwood eh? I do have some Yagatan, but I haven't tried it yet. I'll have to give it a shot tomorrow morning. Thanks for the info christhach...I'll have to look into this wormwood and see what I can find out. All I know is I'm getting mad compliments on Arabian Wood and I definitely need to buy another decant or dare I say...a full bottle of it ;-)
  7. Arabian Wood, eh? I'll have to try this one myself. Sounds pretty darn cool to me.
  8. rickcharles606

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    I've gotten more compliments and personal enjoyment out of this frag than any I've tried thus far...and I'm ashamed to say, I've sampled a lot of fragrances, lol
  9. I went through a Tom Ford craze a couple of years ago and literally bought some of everything. Well, almost everything. Bois Marocain and Arabian Wood were two fragrances that were not originally available in the US but only made and marketed for the Middle Eastern markets specifically. I fell in love with Arabian Wood instantly and although I'm well over my TF craze, now, Arabian Wood is one of the few that I still frequently enjoy (Tuscan Leather, Tobacco Vanille, Moss Breches, Noir de Noir, and Neroli Portofino are the others). Although there's so much more to it than rose and woods, that's pretty much what I get. I think it's the "other" stuff that really makes it stand out.
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    The first time I applied Yatagan I smelled nothing but celery. I still smell the celery, but it's not alone in the mix now as I also get cedar. And I have gotten compliments on Yatagan. I didn't realize the celery scent was wormwood. I'll have try the Arabian Wood now.
  11. Hey, if you guys are thinking of thinning out some of that Tom Ford stuff, PM me, I love the stuff.
  12. rickcharles606

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    I am sickened by the fact that my Arabian Wood decant is now empty. If there's someone out there that hates this horrible fragrance and wants to get rid of it, just lemme know and I'll buy it ;-)

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