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  1. Why did you start a new thread when you had an F4 toggle thread right above this one?
  2. Thank goodness.
    Maybe toggle prices are on their way back down. This recent spike has been a head scratcher for sure. You know, a year ago, this is about what you would expect to pay for a cased toggle.
  3. Maybe the seller's additional comment a day before the sale ended turned everyone off the sale:


  4. +1 totally unnecessary. Its like saying its better than a fusion. We already know that
  5. Lots of plate loss
  6. The toggle is one of only 3 razors I think there is any point in replating
  7. +1

  8. I totally missed this one! I couldn't afford it anyway, but I missed it nonetheless.
  9. Sometimes its just a bad picture, and needs some cleaning up, and from what i see, its really bad pictures. so its hard to tell, could shing like new? you never know :001_smile
  10. I have an F4 I picked up for $15. I just need to find someone who I trust enough to replate it
  11. My high bid was $142.00, I guess I probably should have upped it a bit. Someone wanted it more than I did. And yes, I had visions of having it replated in Rhodium.
  12. Its definitely missing plating on the safety bar. All things considered, however, I don't think this was a bad price at all
  13. LOL your Right, i think that scared a few away, if it needs Re Plating i would do it in Rhodium for sure, it will look Incredible for sure..
  14. I can do it for you, just send it to my P.O Box :tongue_sm ill send you a picture after its done LOL
  15. I don't think its worth replating at this point. You should see mine....shaves great though. I have a 1957 Toggle when I want to drool
  16. Post a picture of that 57 Toggle, would love to see it :eek:)
  17. why wouldnt it be worth Replating in Rhodium? If anything i see replating as a new paint job in an old mustang, it would still be worth alot to me and others out there, imo.
  18. I'm not saying it wouldn't be cool to have it replated, I just don't think the plating is bad enough to justify a replate. But its your razor, obviously, and I do think a rhodium toggle would be sick, which is what I am planning to do with mine.

    I don't know how ebay deals with this. And although the system is stacked in the buyers favor, the description doesn't say anywhere that it works properly. That is a gamble you take with adjustables. Some sellers might be willing to do something if it's jammed, but I think everyone selling a toggle knows what it is and they aren't going to work with you. Buyer beware, my 2 cents...
  19. That set off some alarm bells, nearly all TTO auctions mention that the razor works, especially if it is an expensive razor and the seller has done their homework.

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