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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by Luscombe, May 12, 2011.

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  1. Been looking for some advice about how to remove tobacco stains from the back of my teeth short of going to the dentist. I smoke a 3-5 of cigars a week and recently noticed a build up of stain on my teeth, especially the back sides. I know this sounds crazy, but I do floss several times a day, really, and scrub my teeth when I brush them. Nothing short of scraping the back side removes the stain.

    What have you veterans done to eliminate the stain?
    I just had my teeth cleaned by a dentist today and am a little reluctant to grab a cigar until I can figure out a way to get deal with this. I do like my cigars so this is bit of a dilemma for me.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Tak


    I like arm and hammer baking soda toothpaste. baking soda...but it *is* scrubby and gently abrasive. Alternatively, you can add baking soda to a toothpaste you like but that's a bit of a messy PITA when you can just get it ready mixed in a tube.
  3. Talked to my dentist about it. Her advice? Quit smoking. She says she can tell at a glance who the smokers are. Teeth have porous surfaces and if you're blowing smoke through them, sooner or later, you're going to get stains.
  4. I imagine that quitting cigars has to be easier than quitting cigarettes. For the good of your health and the appearance of your teeth, please stop. It's a silly and expensive habit.

    One who knows. :)
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    This is not the Healthy Living sub forum, please restrict replies to teeth whitening and other dental hygiene answers relevant to the OP.
  6. I've heard of using peroxide as a mouth rinse...however I believe this may be how some whitening mouthwashes work. There are also whitening pre-rinses to be used before brushing.

    I've read up on the subject before and the most common thing I find is something along the lines of:
    Whitening products only prevent further staining if used religiously. The only way to initially get rid of the stains is with a bleaching kit or a visit to the dentist. So you can try that one initial visit or a bleaching kit at home and use whitening products to prevent staining from recurring. It is recommended that you use the bleaching kit something like every 3 or 6 months to keep 'em pearly. Be careful though because they can make your teeth sensitive for a bit and avoid coffee and the like for a bit after you bleach.
  7. Well put.
  8. Not if you're willing to go the distance and spend the cash...I have an uncle who is a smoker (and a coffee drinker), but is also obsessed with his teeth in a scary way. His dentist had no idea he smoked until it came up in conversation. In your defense though it's an ongoing battle to keep them looking nice for a regular smoker and a regimen most don't have the time or patience for...
  9. Hmm... I smoke a comparable quantity of cigars weekly, and have not been alerted of any staining by my dentist/hygienist. You seem to have great oral hygiene habits, too. Some people just have softer enamel than others.

    Have you ever tried Targon Mouth Wash? It's designed specifically for smokers, said to remove tar buildup with regular use. Might be worth a try.
  10. Peroxide can be used as a mouth wash, but is more for disinfection than for whitening (altho it does "bleach" somewhat). In any case, it must be cut with 50% water in order to avoid burning the gums. Some recommend against its use also as it kills off good bacteria, thus giving fungal infections a chance to grow.
  11. Pete, where do you find this? I found it a few years ago and have not seen it since.
  12. I purchased mine from my local Wal-Mart. IIRC, it's available in the same section as the other oral rinses, but it's on the top shelf with the all-natural and high-end rinses.
  13. Why worry if it's the back of your teeth -- who will know?*

    *note -- I'll only iron the front, collar, and cuffs of a shirt if I know I will not be taking off my suit jacket at work. I have many tips like these.
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    In all fairness James, he was "blowing smoke", so maybe he has some experience. Just watch where he's trying to blow it!:lol:
  15. Pete,

    Thanks for the reference to Targon. I will give it a try.


    I have other obsessive regimes, like wet shaving, stopping straights, home roasting coffee, in search of the perfect espresso shot, vintage fountain pen (It's all about the nibs), and there are others. So, I am interested in knowing what your uncle did to address his concerns with staining. If you don't mind, please pm me as at least one person seems to find this topic worthy of a soapbox. I deal with my clients face to face on a daily basis and need to make sure I am professional and presentable. I am just looking for balance.

    On an aside, I have found a solution for coffee breath, Clorets Gum. Works like magic.

  16. Luscombe-pm sent

    Thank you for the correction...I didn't think to include the diluting part. Also, I agree with those that recommend against it. I hardly even use alcohol-based mouthwash and am a big fan of Biotene.
  17. I use eucryl tooth powder. The back of my teeth are pretty much done for in terms of staining(sometimes i can actually pick hard bits of,pretty gross huh?) but every so often ill notice a little brown speckle on one of my front teeth and eucryl takes care of it. I use 1-2 times a week.
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