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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by zatopus, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I bought a kirstin pipe a couple months back. When I was ordering in I was told that they probably wouldn't be making any more. So now that I've got it I've been afraid to take it out of the box and smoke it. I've found a place to get replacement bowls, but what if I crack the stem and I can't find a replacement? What if I love the way the pipe smokes and I lose it one day and I can't buy another one? I've never broke/lost a pipe before so why am I so scared to use this one?

  2. What if it's a fantastic smoker and you never get the chance to experience it because you're worried about liking it too much?
  3. Good point. I'm not usually one to collect things I'm not going to use, but there's something about this being the last of it's kind that's messing with my head.
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    About repair there are folks who can make new parts if needed. Used one's and some NOS will be found at auction sights. I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. rickcharles606

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    It was meant to be it fulfill it's destiny ;-)
  6. Smoke it.
  7. Yeah I think I have to. Let y'all know if I regret it tomorrow night. Haha.
  8. rickcharles606

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    you won't...I was given a Kirstin and it smokes like a dream ;-)
  9. I don't think you will. Pipes, like vintage razors, are meant to be used.
  10. I was just in Kristen's last week (picking up a Peterson and two of their house blends :001_smile ) and I was informed that they will in fact be producing pipes again and there might be another location opening up. Nothing confirmed though on the location, pipes though yes.
  11. That's a fantastic news!! I smoked the pipe and it was pretty good. The bowl isn't a standard shape so it wasn't my greatest pack ever, but it smoked cooler than my falcons by miles. I'm not really great at writing reviews on things, and I really only smoke falcons, but I could see this becoming my favorite pipe pretty easily if I figure out how to pack it correctly.

    Thanks guys for giving me the push I needed.
  12. rickcharles606

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    Now that you mention it, I remember my Kirstin taking a few packs to get it just right. After thinking about it I chalked it up to the draft hole being at the bottom of the bowl. I just packed it looser than I'd normally pack a bowl and just tamp a little more than I normally would and it works great for me. Good luck and enjoy that pipe ;-)
  13. That's good to hear, I emailed them today to get the story, hope to be able to get one of these, those full bents are so awesome looking.
  14. I'll have to try that next time. Thanks for the tip.
  15. Thanks everyone for the help. Been smoking the Kirsten just about every night. Love the thing. Once I figured out the best way to load it (credit to rickcharles606) it is by far the most pleasant smoker I've ever used. Thanks for the push I needed
  16. rickcharles606

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    Glad it's working out for you....I think I'll load mine up tonight and smoke it too ;-)
  17. For myself, a pipe that is not smoked is just a decoration. Would one buy a quality wrench and not think of using it when they needed a repair done? I think the pleasure you will get from smoking it will far exceed the pleasure you get from looking at it.
  18. Oops, just noticed that you smoked it. Sorry.
  19. Haha. No worries... Guess I've got to bust out that racheting screwdriver I've been affraid to use. It was so pretty on my mantle though.
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    I see you already tried it, but I thought this might be relevant. :)

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