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  1. Hi,
    So i received my 3" red latigo strop and four sided paddle strop a few days ago. Both of the products are very high quality. The 3" latigo with handles is very heavy duty and the leather has a nice amount of draw. Looks as though it will last a very very long time.
    The four sided paddle strop is more delicate looking, but is a quality peice of kit. I put my diamond pastes on them 1, .5 and .25 micron sides and left to dry for 2 days. I had my razor professiaonally honed probably around 2 months ago but after shaving every day for that amount of time it had started to drag slightly. I gave my razor 20 laps on the 1 micron side rinsed and gave 20 laps on the .5 micron side i then finished on the linen and leather of my 3" latigo and wow what a shave. No drag and probably my smoothest closest shave so far.
    Both products by far exceeded the expectations i already had from reviews i had read on this site. So thanks to Tony and if anyone is wondering whether to purchase any of these products you will not be dissapointed.

  2. I have a 2 1/2" latigo with d-rings and linen. I am thrilled with mine as well. It has an "made to last like the olde tyme stuff" feel to it. Built like a tank!
  3. :eek: Huh??

    Actually much more substantial than my old style. The newer ones are solid maple, handle and body all turned from one single piece of wood by an Amish friend.

    (and yes, they will be back VERY soon)

  4. Can't wait! :smile: waiting patiently....
  5. I would guess he ment delicate in the sense of "beautiful, nice" etc, not delicate as in fragile or the like.

    Mine looks very nice, but I can't say fragile, not a bit.
  6. I meant delicate as in light coloured leather and pale wood compared to the dark leather on the latigo strop. I did not mean delicate as in fragile it is a high quality and strong product.

  7. Had me worried there for a minute!

    My old ones were delicate, the new ones could be used in self defense if need be.

  8. :lol::lol::lol:
  9. If I post footage of me using one of your new paddle strops for hand to hand combat, would you send me one for free? :biggrin:
  10. I keep mine in my car :rolleyes: But seriously they're amazingly functional and works of art in and of themselves. Amish + TM = Winning formula in my book!


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