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  1. Has anyone here scored a decent fragrance from one of these places for a reasonable price? Also, I'm assuming they're not carrying that a safe assumption?
  2. Yeah it's all clearance. I get stuff there all the time.
    S.T. Dupont, Lacoste, Bvlgari etc. Very hit or miss. I love the Dupont stuff. Chix dig it.
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    They are great places to find some good bargains. You have to check often for a better chance of seeing what all they offer from time to time. And different stores have different scents. I've seen a lot of good scents at a number of these stores, and believe they are all the real deal.
  4. Just stopped by on the way home from time I need to mark down some names and price compare when I get home to some online retailers.
  5. I usually just compare it to amazon while i'm in the store. Amazon is usually the regular retail price. Don't trust the "suggested retail" price on the TJ price tags.
  6. I definitely never believe their "suggested retail" prices. I did pick up a bottle (3.4 oz) of Claiborne for Men (just read on basenotes it's discontinued...) for $13, and Hugo XY (1.3 oz) for $24 while there. I think the Claiborne was a good deal, and the XY was on par with fragrancenet and fragrancex (maybe a couple of dollars cheaper at Maxx). However, I didn't have shipping costs, and I didn't have to wait. Wearing the Claiborne now...pretty impressed so far.
  7. Yes, not a problem there.
  8. I stopped by there last night...They had great deals on Polo Black and Red, Grey Flannel and several others. There was in particular that I was interested in but didn't get it. It was a large medal tin that looked like a cigar box, and had "Cigar" printed on the top. It was some kind of cologne, but the way that they had the little plastic "shoplifting guard" around it I couldn't really read the label. Anyway, it was only $12.99.
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    That is Cigar, by Remy Latour and it's a very nice scent that gets a lot of positive reviews. Smells slightly sweet, like Cuba Red, and a little like the inside of a humidor. It's a must try for the price, as it's much better than it's price would indicate.
  10. It's Burberry London essentially, or very close. Good scent.
  11. I actually saw that in a box set yesterday at my TJ Maxx...if I remember correctly, there were a few vials in the set...didn't really take a good look, but the box it came it was a cigar box, too...definitely should go back today and take a better look...
  12. For a whopping $20! (though I haven't done any further research, $5 for a 2 oz bottle seems pretty good to me)

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  13. how's the scent though?
  14. Haven't sprayed any of them, yet. I knew I was forgetting something. I'll test run them this week. I did just check out basenotes, and although there isn't too much feedback on them, they seem to get favorable opinions (especially the Cubano Gold). These are from Victory International, and are made in Italy.

    EDIT: Also, the customer reviews for all 4 on are pretty impressive.
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    Yes, this Cubano set is different from the Cigar by Remy Latour, and I agree with the reviewers who like the Cubano Gold. It's somewhat similar to La Male.
  16. You are correct. But the Remy Latour version is the best of the bunch imo.
  17. I'm wearing the Cubano Gold right now...opens up with a powdery/sweet vanilla, and doesn't change much during dry-down. When the fiance comes home, I'll get her opinion, but as of right now, it's not thrilling me. That being said, if you like vanilla as a single-note, you'd probably really dig this (it's a pleasant scent, just may not be for me).
  18. I buy from TJ Maxx a lot, but it's hit and miss. When I don't need a bottle they have it and when I need a bottle it's gone. Great prices though !!
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    My perspective is, when they have a bottle, I need it! :lol:
  20. I'm quickly finding myself in this realm...just shopped there for luggage w/ SWMBO...and wound up with a box set of SJ Unforgivable that was on clearance...

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