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Discussion in 'Shopping and Deals' started by redbike, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Just stopped by the local store. They had quite a few large bars of Italian bath soap - manufacturers I've never heard of: Fiorentino, Alchima, & Erbe di Campo. Anyone know anything about them? The bars were 8 & 10 oz., and cost $4 or $5/per bar.

  2. rtaylor61

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    I like the Asquith & Somerset bars. Especially the Shea Butter.

  3. I got one of those recently at another TJ Maxx. Haven't used it yet though. Can't even remember what scent it was. My RAD & SCAD is extending into BSAD - Bath Soap Acquisition Disorder.

  4. I got some great, thick Lavender-scented bars there the other week. I think it was $6 for a box of three big bars.....great stuff.
  5. I saw those too, but went for other scents. I bought my wife some C&E lavender bars for Christmas, so I'm hoping she'll share. I've seen a Floris gift box containing 6 soaps at TJ Maxx recently, but the scents are all women's, so I didn't get them.

  6. Scotto

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    I like the A-S bars also. Just don't drop them on your foot.
  7. I may cut them down to half size to make handling them easier. I've already had surgery on my feet; don't need to exacerbate that problem.

  8. Think it would be relatively easy to chop one of those triple milled bars in half with a big knife? I've wanted to do this as well but I figured I'd either only make it halfway and end up with a bar of soap with a gash in it or break my knife...

    UPDATE: Just chopped a bar in half with relative ease, only lost a little cuz of crumbs!

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