Tj Maxx and Marshall's Cologne deals

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Champi, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. I don't know if this is appropriate in this forum so if its not please let me know. I know every Christmas season I always get great deals at TJ Maxx and Marshall's on gift sets of colognes and great prices on aftershave lotions and soaps. Some people here even scored Floris at those stores. Now the trick is getting there before they run out because they always have a limited stock of the good stuff. I also only go to these stores if I happen to be in the area so I miss out on a lot of deals but when I score some its good. So If you happen to go into these stores and see something great please post it here because the odds are if its in the store in your area it might also be in my area and I will make the trip to look. I hope this helps us all stock up on some good juice's this season and also give some great gifts.... Happy Holidays
  2. Thanks for the reminder. Ill have to start hitting the one near my office.
  3. Forgot about them...I hear christmas in my hubbie's future maybe!!!
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    I have a Marshalls on the way home from work, and once in a while I stop and see what they have to offer. So far, I scored several tubs of Vulfix cream for about $10 each. I could not, however, find the Simpsons brushes in any of the stores I checked here in NJ - but some guys found them. I always scan also the fragrance area, they have quite some steals and deals there, mostly for the standard stuff one can find in a department store beauty department, but at half the price. I hope I can score something from Floris, Pen's or Creed this year:wink::tongue:
  5. I just bought a bottle of Dunhill Desire (the red bottle) for I think $12 a few days ago.
  6. Looks like this will be an awesome thread, I did not know you could get Vulfix creams or even a Shave brush in TJ Maxx. Does anyone know how much the brushes went for? I will buy more then one if the price is right and sell it for cost plus shipping to help out fellow b and b'ers if they don't have access to stores.... Lets see how the season goes.
  7. That's what the Shopping and deals forum is for. Great deals from all sorts of places gets posted there, including TJMaxx.
  8. Scored some Tommy Bahama for $14 bucks and Eternity Summer for men for $25 both big bottles Tj maxx. They have several Gift sets out and noticed so many types of scents and soaps this time around. More then the usual that I've seen. If you have one around you I would stop by before the christmas masses buy them all. Someone in another post asked about affordable scents from good houses, I think this is the way to go.

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