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  1. Hate to add up the hours I've, uh, "invested", in making my decision on how to get into straight razor shaving. All kinds of iterations, but find myself back to the Whipped Dog option. But, I think I am going with the "Rich Man Strop Kit" and also getting a replacement strop ($12) for the Rich Man for when I cut the first one. Plus, I'll get a second sight unseen razor ($25) so I have a "reference" edge.

    This is a little more expensive than the basic kit but it gives me a 3" bridle strop with webbing secondary strop. I'm thinking I can lay the 3" strop flat on a countertop and do my first stropping that way to reduce the risk of nicking it. I was very tempted to plunge into a hone also, but will hold off on that. Also decided to go with the sight unseen razors rather than getting my grandfather's straights repaired. If I don't stick with straights, I can put the Whipped Dog straights on BST, I couldn't do that with my grandfather's.

    Any recommendations or shortcomings with this plan? Only thing to do now, is place that order and wait.............
  2. Sounds like a good plan to me! First point of advice to a new straight shaver:

    Relax. Enjoy it.
  3. great plan. try practice with a butter knife on the strop for a few days.
    worked well for me, no cuts and nicks in my strop at all.
  4. I would recommend stropping on a folded newspaper. That is a good way to strop your razor and if you slice it, just grab another page, fold and have at it some more.

    When you can do 100 laps without cutting the paper you might be ready to move on to leather.

    Don't poo poo stropping on newspaper. It is just as good as stropping on leather, it just does not look as cool or manly to have the sunday funnies draped over your towel bar as it does to have a beefy leather strop hanging from a big ring on the wall.
  5. ouch

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    In the beginning, it's more important to concentrate on technique than tools. Plenty of time for toys. Good luck.
  6. Welcome to your latest AD.

  7. Welcome to the straight side of things.

    Don't forget to breath
    I found when I first started I was holding my breath with each stroke
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    Looking back, I had fun learning to shave and strop since I like challenges. As I get better it becomes more and more a routine, and the main enjoyment now has become the maintaining of the edge on various stones, sprays and strops.

    So take your time and enjoy the learning process!
  9. I guess I wasn't done with the research! I did some more reading and didn't place my order until late Tuesday evening - both vendors had their package arrive to me on Friday - impressive! So I was able to have my first straight shave this morning (Saturday). I'll post separately about that.

    I ended up with two razors from Whipped Dog (the $38 version). I bought the 2.5" Big Mamma strop from Star Shaving and also their prepasted (CrOX) balsa wood hone and the 3" leather paddle strop. I like the way these both are on a block of wood with some rubber feet. For me, this package gave me something to start on (the 3" wide paddle strop) and a good hanging strop to advance to. The main reason I went with something other than Whipped Dog's "Rich Man" strop is that the wife has our bathroom in a black and white scheme, and if I can keep her happy by buying a black strop to match, well then its an easy decision! Also, the 2.5" strop means I'll learn the x stroke right away vs a 3" strop.

    I'm happy with all the items and the quick service from both vendors and happy to finally get my first straight shave under my belt. I'm posting this in case others are trying to think through their options on a starter package.
  10. Glad to here it. Enjoy your first straight shave and take your time. I was lucky and didn't cut my self on my first shave ht it also took me almost 30 minutes.

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