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Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by Mendel, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. I was wondering. If we were to help Tim Tebow see the light in traditional wet shaving, what razor, brush, soap, and blade would he select? Please briefly explain your choices.

    Go Denver Broncos!
  2. I swear if i hear that guys name on the tv or radio one more time.i might just puke my guts up !!!!!!!!
  3. Blllerggggggggg I agree.
  4. It's something to do with 3:16, I know that much!
  5. Who's Tim Tebow?
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    Try posting the same question in the Barbershop forum...you might get more animated responses :).
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    You know, it's a shame when an athlete (and organization) get absolutely overwhelmed with publicity simply for being, get this, a good person. I'm a sick as the next guy of the all-Tebow-all-the-time ESPN, SI, etc coverage, but my backlash is actually starting to go the other direction. The more I learn about the kid, the more I like him, and the more I wish that they would just cool it & let the guy do his work. He isn't asking for any of this, but there are thousands of people that want nothing more than to see him crash and burn just so they can say, "look, see, I told you he sucks!".

    Even after the way that he burned my Steelers last weekend, I find it increasingly hard not to like the kid.


    Ok, that said, the kid really needs a good shave.
  8. He's had plenty of close shaves on his own.
  9. He's this guy that the doctors said should be aborted when his mother was pregnant with him because he'd never make it past a year.
    He's a guy that they told should play full back, defensive back, tight end, anything but quarterback because he wasn't built to be a quarterback. He went on to become one of the most highly touted high school quarterbacks in the nation and was recruited by all the top colleges. But then everyone said he'd never be a successful college level quarterback, so he played on two national championship teams, won the Davey O'Brien award, twice the Maxwell Award, and the Heisman Trophy.
    So then they said he's not good enough for the NFL, so he went and got drafted in the first round and recently won his first NFL playoff game on a long ball (they said he couldn't do that) in overtime against one of the best teams/defenses in football.

    And, because he is faithful and loves the Lord and shows it as a Christian should, he isn't very popular outside of his fan base. He is a guy that has won at everything he has done, including life, sets a remarkable example for kids, and does pretty much nothing but good, all for the glory of someone else.

    But I'll bet he uses a Fusion. That vibrates and lights up. With gooey gel from a can.
  10. If you want to get him started in wet shaving, give him a Lord razor!

    Currently, I bet he uses an electric!
  11. John Stewart hit the nail on the head when he said that the bias of the media was to laziness. This extends itself to everyone deciding the flavor of the month - which in the football world today means Tim Tebow.
  12. bobfarvour pretty much nailed it, I find him as refreshing as a York Peppermint Pattie, I like the fact there are young people who look up to someone not making Headlines for DUI, Domestic Violence or just being an *SS-CLOWN, there's hope for the next Generation.

    I'm not a Bronco Fan and don't expect to see them beat the Pats, but will root for Tebow to become a better Quarterback and continue to frustrate those rooting against him. Many forget he's played a total of 15 games, including last week's win.
  13. yep.........

    he is a great role model for kids.... he apparently is a super nice guy......

    but the fact that if you turn on ESPN you hear his name every 12 seconds makes me want to kick a puppy.... and i LOVE puppies.... *(hate cats tho)...
  14. Don't worry when the pats beat them tonight you will stop hearing about him!
  15. I'm surprised he doesn't sport a Jeebus beard.

  16. go pats!!!!!!!!!

    I have nothing against the Kid as a person and i applaud him for his faith but not all of us are evangelical die hards !!! I am just sick of the non stop Tim is the next Jesus re born coverage !!!! This is football not the 700 club after all !!!! lol
  17. Preach it brotha! Your spot on with that.
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    He is a nice guy, very inspirational. With todays players they are concerned with individual feats and records. Tim just get it done the old fashion way, sweat ,blood and guts.
  19. Tom Brady SE Pro
  20. Funny that the media is all over him when ge is such a clean person. I think its amusing

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