TI Red Stamina Scales...

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  1. [​IMG]

    $25 Shipped.
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  2. Wow... this is pretty....! Did you hone this Joel?! :001_wub:
  3. letterk

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    If you read the title, it just says scales. I don't believe a blade is included.
  4. Sue....This would be an easy one to hone - even for me. It doesn't have a blade. Scales only.:biggrin:
  5. Oh

    Sorry I will delete that post
  6. letterk

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    No need to delete, just pointing out it's missing the blade. Others probably missed that as well.
  7. I didn't know that this was what scales meant! I thought it was a type or something..... Oh Boy....! lol

    Thanks for teaching me!! I guess even I could hone it! lol
  8. I am not too familiar with the straits yet. didn't catch in on my part but I'm very interested in starting a strait I have had a strait razor shave and man was it good I figure what Joel is doing is great and I should learn more before diving in. Just a little too excited I guess.
  9. In the same boat Mama :biggrin:
  10. Yep as stated - just the scales... it is a $40 upgrade on a TI razor, or it can be used on another razor you own/enjoy as an upgrade of its current handle. If it doesn't sell in a day or so, I'll keep it and put it on my 6/8 chronik. :cool:
  11. Joel, will any size blade fit in there?
  12. rtaylor61

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    I've been looking at these same scales at Classic Shaving...fir $199! Of course, they do still have the blade attached! These would look good on on a properly restored ebay special!

  13. For the most part - yes. Of course, with anything, there are exceptions, and if you have a 1.5 inch thick blade with those scales, it'll look silly, but TI uses those same scales for 5/8, 6/8 and 7/8 TI razors.
  14. The leaf and vine TI tickles your fancy eh? I've been thinking about getting another on of 'em.
  15. Joel what do these number refer to... 5/8 is this a thickness?? and what is a T1??

    Hugs for the teacher!!

    Sue (Mama Bear)
  16. TI = Thiers Issard

    I'll let Joel give the full explanation of razor sizes but 8/8 designates a larger razor (from blade to spine) than 7/8, 6/8, etc.
  17. Sue,
    It refers to the width of the blade - IE 4/8 = 4/8 (or 1/2) inch, 8/8 = 1 inch. The "thickness" or grind is more subjective and is referred to as wedge, hollow, half hollow, 1/4 hollow, full hollow, etc. Want to buy some razor scales? :001_tt2:
  18. rtaylor61

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  19. hi Joel

    I am new to straight razors and not experienced attaching blades to scales. If you were to put a decent old razor on there at a resonable price I would buy it for sure.



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