Threw out my Gillette Fusion a couple of weeks ago and got these...

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  1. Started with a Fat Boy off Ebay... Then got Slim, Super Speed, Tech Ball end and Tech Travel Ball end at a flea market. Would still like to do a thorough job of cleaning them.

    Got Wilkinson Sword's from Wal-Mart, Merkur DE's from The Wharf Cigar store in Beavercreek. Ordered Feather's off ebay and they came with a kicker 5 pack of Blue Birds.

    So far I have tried the Fat Boy and the Super Speed. The Wilkinson's and the Merkur's.

    I have gotten the closest shaves of my life when I do multiple passes and very presentable with one pass with a few clean up strokes.

    I have seen recent posts of pricing. I am in for about what I would have paid for a 16 pack of Gillette Fusion cartridges at Sam's Club. The price of those cartridges at Sam's Club started this :w00t:obsession:w00t:... I see some posts today about gilltte cartridges lasting a couple of weeks?!? I get 4 or 5 days from them before I get torn up.

    I am now cruising the flea markets looking for a Straight Edge. Holy *hit... I have wanted to try one of those since I was 18. Grandpa used one and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

    Thanks everyone for all the supportive posts and input. Having a great time on B&B


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  2. the_edski

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    Great start!!!
  3. Excellent - welcome aboard. I recommend whipped dog for your first straight. Just got mine and started with it.
  4. ...that travel razor is adorable...
  5. You could go with whippeddog..Larry...or BST here
  6. Good stuff!
  7. I see the RAD Dragon has been slayed...for now.
  8. LOL...Key words....for now!:001_tongu
  9. Congrats on the very good choice! I just picked up an SS and a travel Tech at an antiques shop today as well.
  10. Now those are some razors!! Sweet haul.
  11. Welcome. The Fusion fives were what did me in, too. And like you, I've found that the vintage Gillettes are much better.
  12. Congrats on your finds, and welcome. I just got in big sampler of blades yesterday--can't wait to try them all out.
  13. Nice Razors ...

    .... but you should have kept the Fusion - who knows, it may worth something in the future under "Health Quackery Devices"! :lol:

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