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  1. Here is a severe finger-wagging to those of you who ruined my recent thread.

    I am sorry you don't have a sense of humor, or a sense or common courtesy for your fellow man, or the good sense not to show your backside in public.

    You obviously spend all day pushing your own anger button, or listening to some "personality" who can push your anger button for you. What does that sound like?
  2. What is it with all the contestants on Chopped, the Food Network show? Do all the chefs in the United States have crappy prison tats, lip and eyebrow piercings, and look like they just stumbled out of a crack house down the block from the television studio?

    If those goons on TV are representative of the people making my food, I'm gonna start ordering an unopened package of Twinkies, hold the Hepatitus, at every restaurant I go to.
  3. I was driving my car at no where near the speed of light, but the left front tire was a bit low on air...anyhow...I flipped on the headlights to see what would happen and then realized I couldn't see the headlights from my vantage point in the drivers seat, even if I were travelling at the speed if light, and I began to suspect that most astrophysicists are likely full of crap and don't know any more about what they are talking about than your average Joe on the street.
  4. I don't think I'm one of the guilty parties (I didn't post in the thread I think you are referring to) but if any of my posts came across the wrong way, then finger wagging accepted.

    I hope this remains a place where general topics can be discussed maturely without ridiculing people's thoughts and reactions.
  5. hey can we wrap this political talk up anytime soon? we still have religion to cover.
  6. I'm only 14 Green Stamps away from being able to enroll in Clown College but my onion crop has weevils.

    I need answers dammit, I want answers!
  7. I'll tell ya what annoys me - Stop Signs. Who the heck is the government, to be lecturing me how to drive my car??? I got places to go and stuff to do. If there isn't anybody coming, then by golly I ought to be able to cross the street without Johnny Law threatening to toss me in the hoosegow if I don't sit there like a moron.

    If they are gonna make anybody stop, it ought to be all of the jerks that won't stop when I go through an intersection. The last time one of those guys hit me, he got out of his car and yelled at me that he was at the intersection first and had the "right of way." Bullcrap! I know I beat him into the intersection because I was running 75 miles an hour when I went through there - there's NO WAY he could have beat me into the intersection because he had stopped and was sitting still at the darn thing before he pulled out and hit me!

    I'm a taxpayer, darn it, and I DEMAND that they pull up all of those stop signs from in front of me and put them in front of all those nutjobs that keep hitting me at intersections.
  8. hey, look at this funny picture of a cat I found

  9. Speaking of 1960's baseball stars relaxing....
    Yaz and Santo hit the lanes!

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  10. Im hungry
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    Those threads responsible for the hijacking of this thread, have been hijacked. Carry on.
  12. How many ways are there to skin a cat??
  13. Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretty nasti...
  14. Everybody wants to be a Freebird, baby.

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    If a thread, like this one for example, is called "Thread Hijack Thread", can it actually be "hijacked"? :wink2:
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  17. One of my favourite posts I've seen today!

    Meh, get a pancake on there and we'll talk.

    Hmm, a zen question. Let us investigate.
  18. "Look. We know how you did it. How is no longer the question. What we now want to know is 'Why?'. Why now, Brown Cow?"

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