Thoughts on Shavemac Pure Badger?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Birds, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. I only have experience with a Vulfix 2233.

    My wiskers are getting more grey and course, and I am wondering if the stiffer pure badger bristles would help in lifting the wiskers and getting them well lathered. Do the pure badgers work well with creams?

    I am also considering this line because of the size of the knot (larger knot than the "Finest") and cost. The silver tip badgers are more then I want to spend at this time.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
  2. rtaylor61

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    I have 4 Shavemac brushes. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Also, DrP, our resident brush expert, is a Shavemac fan. While all of my current Shavmac brushes are silvertip, Bernd has a couple of others I'm studying on buying in the near future. One thing I have learned...Brush Acquisition Disorder is the most expensive disorder of the bunch!

  3. Chris,

    I have a finest, and am very pleased with it. Unfortunately, I can't really compare it to either the pure or the silver, but it is great for creams and stiff enough for soap. At the same time, very soft in the tips (I actually sometimes like to use my cheap, machine shaped vulfix because I like the scritchy feeling). I imagine if you get hand shaped, even the pure will feel pretty soft.

    As for size, if you don't see the size you want, or the handle you like, with the hair you want, email Bernd and ask him for a quote. He will put any hair in any handle he has, glady. Also, he indicated to me that it is possible, if you like a really really dense brush (his brushes are already quite dense), to pack extra hair into the larger handles, for a small extra fee.

  4. Scotto

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    I think the "lifting the whiskers" thing is hocus-pocus. If you like the feel of a firmer, scritchier brush, then by all means order something in pure, but I would doubt you are going to see a difference in your shaves.
  5. guenron

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    Can't you see the man is crying out for an excuse to practice SBAD? And here you are poo-poohing excuse 340.1! Shame on you!
  6. Scotto

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    So sorry...:blushing:
  7. Birds, I'd like to hear what you think of your Shavemac Pure if you end up getting one. Are you considering a handmade or machine-cut type?

    I have a SMFII brush, which is a Shavemac handmade Silvertip. I still really like my stiff, cheapo, machined pure brush, but it is pretty small. I'm toying with the idea of moving up on the size of a Pure to that of my SMFII (about 24mm). That size is perfect for me, and I already have a stand.

    I am also really curious as to how a handmade Pure would feel, with the tips of the hairs intact!
  8. John,

    I decided to go with the C&E Best Badger at this point. The C&E is more stiff than the Vulfix I used to use, and figured it would be a good test without giving up too much.

    Regarding the Shavemac, I would have gone with the handmade. I really liked the shape. A Shavemac is still on the list, but I would probably go with a "Finest Badger" and ask for a larger knot size.

  9. roughrider

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    You won't be disappointed with the C&E Best Badger Brush. It's a great brush.
  10. I love the way my Shavemac SMFII feels/works up lather, but it really irritated me that I have to spend so much time and effort adding polyeurathane on it so it doesn't get water damaged as fast as it does. Speaking of which, I need to add the last coat tonight. From now on, I avoid all wood handled brushes.
  11. Dinder1

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    I have been tempted by both the Pure and the Finest grade brushes, maybe for the sake of research purposes only, I will have to order a pair, just to put these questions to rest. Oh the evil SBAD!!!
    Cheers, DJ.

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