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  1. Well I have to find out how other people feel about this,I myself was raised on the Three Stooges by my dad and have a special place in my heart for them.Im not bashing the flim just yet because I really dont know exactly how to feel about it,nor have i seen it.What I do know is that Im tired of hollywood not having new ideas for movies these days it just seems like every thing gets re-made.Also from the preview it seems they are in modern times?seriously?I mean most of the funniest things about the stooges was the struggle of the time period being starving and cooking a up a nice hardy horse shoe soup.I just dont know how they are gonna pull this off.With out those original mugs on the screen I just dont know.Why couldnt they just leave em be.
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    It doesn't really appeal me too. Maybe in time it will.
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    Ugh. Modern times? I hope not. It would be like writing a script for Les Miserables set in swinging London circa 1969. It just doesn't fit. It is why you can't make a new version of The good, the bad, and the ugly. Even if you got actors who could pull off the parts getting them to have the same interplay onscreen would be next to impossible. And how Pc will it be? The Stooges were famous for mocking any and all. Will Moe be allowed to threaten he will gouge Curly's eyes out? Or will that be seen as inciting violence in kids? Sorry to be a bit down on this but I am not hopeful.

    Cheers, Todd
  4. I love the Stooges and can't wait to see the new one.
  5. COMING TO THEATERS! An exciting new vision of The Godfather! Except Vito Corleone is played by Jack Black! And works in an orphanage! And runs a black-market crime ring smuggling 4-gallon toilets over the border from Canada!

    Nothing is sacred anymore. Hollywood is officially out of ideas. The fact that they're "rebooting" everything every few years and turning to classic toys and games is a huuuuuuuuuuuge indicator.
  6. +1.

    One of the things I liked when I first got an iMac was the movie preview thingy and found quite a few movies that we were worth looking out for, but recently I trawl through about 50 odd titles and nothing springs out as something I would like to see.

    With respect to the OP, I never really watched anything by the Stooges, bit before my time and I hadn't heard that there was a remake, but it is hardly surprising.
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    I like the Stooges, but in small doses. Absolutely no intention of ever watching the new movie.
  8. I agree with Yung Puck and Phog Allen, It will be hard for them to remake for those reasons entirely. I am definately a stooge fan, but not a hollywood fan. When hollywood puts their spin on movies IMO they make them terribly predictable and cheesy. That on top of the fact that they are now taking on a cult classic film/skits that were so well loved they almost cannot hope to top it. They should remake a crappy movie so they can do a better job on it the next time.
  9. I grew up with the Stooges on TV every day and love em, but have no desire to watch a movie with others playing the parts. Plus didn't they already do a movie about the 3 Stooges? Why another? And Hollywood wonders why ticket sales are down. I think I've been to one movie in 3-4 years. I'd like to go but there's just nothing worth the time and money. It's all overdone CGI, remakes and actors/actresses that can't act and all look alike.
  10. Anybody that "hates Hollywood" rushing to join their local film society and support well made cinema? I'm guessing not. It's much easier to be "above it all" and trot out the usual complaints.

    Dad's a huge Stooges fan, and called me the other night to tell me all about his upcoming trip to the theater to see it. If it brings him joy, who am I to judge? It's not for me, but there's obviously a market for this kind of thing. I agree that setting this in the present day is a major turnoff, but really - what else are the Farrely Brothers going to put out? Still waiting for that Oscar nominated cinema classic from the creators of Dumb and Dumber, and There's Something About Mary? If you go to McDonald's, you don't get steak, but a lot of folks sure do love them some bad burgers. To each their own I guess, but I'll never understand the incessant complaining about Hollywood.

    There are more great movies than you could ever hope to see being released every year, but they fail at the box office and don't gain the support of the public. Heaven forbid people ignore what's at the mall for a change and take the family to see The Artist instead. Go seek out the good stuff, it's not far from you and I promise you'll like a good majority of it.

    EDIT: I'm not addressing anyone individually. It's just that these movie threads are like listening to a bunch of guys at the gym, crying about how crappy their Mach 5 razor is and that "there's nothing else out there !" :cryin:
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    I think it may bring a new audience to the classics. That couldn't be a bad thing. I will watch this movie at some point.
  12. I am going to see it Sunday afternoon with my Dad and my 8 year old son. I am looking forward to seeing it. Three Stooges has been a favorite in my family beginning with my Grandfather..
  13. I think I'll pass. Nothing against the movie but I never woke up a year ago and thought that Hollywood needed to remake the Stooges so I could get my fix. The reruns were fine by me. So, I'll treat this like any remake - I will probably choose to watch something else that catches my fancy and maybe I'll watch it when it hits Netflix. I realize that it could very well be entertaining but I've missed a lot of really good films during their theatrical runs and don't really regret that. This will be no different.
  14. Looks like it will be a flop to me. Every preview just looks terrible. On a Three Stooges note, I had the TV on the Early Show on CBS last week when the Farrelly brothers were being interviewed. Gayle King blatantly said she thought their movie was too violent. Looking at the Farrelly brothers faces between camera shots was hilarious. They look pissed! Go to a major show to have your movie promoted to have one of their wannabe journalists like Gayle King say your movie is too violent would make me want to walk off set.
  15. At least they look pretty decently cast. Also, I don't mind looking at Sofia Vergara or Kate Upton, so I might just give this one a go when it gets to TV On Demand or something. I do agree about all the reboots and revamps, though. Some of them have been alright, while others have been horrid. I don't think filmmakers are out of ideas so much as the big studios are out of having the balls to try something new.
  16. I think it would have been much more hilarious with the original cast they fought to sign. Jim Carey and Sean Penn were two of them. I think that would have been hi-freaking-larious.
  17. I know the feeling, I'm a film geek and used to get pretty ticked at remakes. I came to realize it doesn't harm the original. I'm am personally more bothered by digital "improvements" of classic films that take liberties.

    FYI, I plan to see "Goon" this weekend. I grew up in California, never skated much, but I'm starting to really love hockey. Go figure.
  18. The Three Stooges are characters played initially by Moe Howard, Curly Howard and Larry Fine. The cast of the original show with various levels of success also included Shemp Howard, Joe Besser, Joe DeRita and Emil Sitka.

    No reason that these characters cannot be played by other actors in a more modern setting for a few laughs. It really is about the Benjamins.
  19. tough call..I cant get myself to see the new one..when I as a kid in the 1990's watched the original shows.
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    I agree with all the points made. Watch what you want and enjoy it. It is just hard for me to get used to such iconic characters being played by someone else. Like my analogy above. Who could ever play Angel Eyes and not have half the audience mentally thinking they were talking like Lee Van Cleef? But at the same time who under thirty would know who he was? And the movie is close on fifty years old. Man I feel old. Anyroad, I doubt I will see this Stooge movie at cinema. Maybe later.

    Cheers, Todd

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