Those Bulgarian men are TOUGH!

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by dcobranchi, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. It looks wicked aggressive without that base plate.
  2. StuMcB

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    Very collectable!

    When I think safety razor, I think Bulgaria!

    This is the limited edition "two piece" model.
  4. Only $38, what a bargain!
  5. So we're agreed that maybe $38 is a bit much for a razor with no base plate:shifty:.
  6. This puts all those Muhle R41 crybabies to shame. :a30:
  7. "Safety" is such a versatile word.
  8. Looks a lot like a Merkur 42C "1904"...
  9. I like mine without a top plate...
  10. The baseplate puts such an unsightly curve in the blade!
  11. I think "collectable" means you need to collect the missing pieces.
  12. It also doubles up as a lawn mower.. Not bad for $38 uh ? :)

  13. I bet that is a close irritation-free shave. I am sure a good dose of Bay Rum after a shave with that would feel spectacular.
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    Indeed...maybe something is lost in the translation from English to Bulgarian....:ohmy:

  15. Hell, just use the damn blade in your hand!
  16. Actually it looks a lot like Merkur 1904 without the bottom plate. Incomplete, abused and neglected Merkur 1904
  17. all the funny comments i thought of were taken:a48:
    but there were more i hadn't thought of.:lol:
  18. Brotherhood of the No Comb.
  19. On the Albert Cuyp markt in Amsterdam they actually sell plastic two piece razors without a bottom plate. They keep them in a box with the Yuma razors.
    The cap of this two piece says "LORD" but I'm not sure LORD actually makes these things.
    They have been selling them for years, so I guess some people actually use these!

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