This may be blasphemous.

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  1. My wife had picked up a tube of Gillette Fusion Proglide Clear Shaving Gel because she liked the smell. She wanted for me to trying it this morning, and to my surpise, it worked up a great lather with the VDH badger brush.It had a very luxurious feel (although nothing like Arko), it provided a nice glide and cushion, and I must admit, t smells great, need to see if the have a similar scent AS.
  2. Blasphemy !:001_tt2:
  3. Most important part of your post.
  4. I am undecided if this constitutes blasphemy or heresy.
  5. +1 blasphemy :glare:
  6. Hmmm.... Good point....I say it's time to call the Spanish Inquistion
  7. I will admit that it shocked me. The tube says that it is non-lathering gel...well that did not stop my from building up a nice lather with it by using the VDH badger brush loaded with VDH soap...some water in the cup, and a decent size squirt of the blue goo from the tube.

    It really does smell good, and worked great, even with the R41.
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  10. Where arnold saying you have been erased.
  11. Blasphemy! Jk - I think that whatever keeps someone into DE or straight razor shaving, keep doing it. If that means using canned goo then by all means keep up what works best for you!
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    Yep pretty sure the canned goo had no part of the good lather!!!

  13. I used it again today without the VDH. It produced a really good lather. It is not the canned goo, but the tube goo. Of course YMMV, but for an inexpensive product, it worked great for me. Mind you, it is no Bigelow/Proraso or Arko stick (who doesn't love tallow), but it is much better than I would have expected.

  14. It may be blasphemous, but the most important opinion for you is that your wife likes the smell.

    The only scents I wear are what the women like, not what I like.
  15. Be careful what you say around these parts...the Fusion police may be coming to take you away. G-d forbid you mention their razor that may not be named :behead:
  16. Heresy!
  17. The fusion cream is ok.I like the clear gel for beard line ups.But theres something in Gillettes shave creams and foams that just irritate the hell out of my face.
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    If it works, use it :smile:. The ultimate goal should be close, comfortable, enjoyable shaves.
  19. My father has been a DE shaver since the 70s. He's been using the canned stuff since the beginning. His shaves always trump mine so I can't trash talk
  20. Blasphemy indeed, but then it worked didn't it ;-) I found the Gillette gels in tubes that were avlbl in India indicated you should be using a brush, while the gel in a can did not.

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