This is what happens when 3 people all want a razor on eBay . . .

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Not A Nice Person, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Auction ended at $98.99 for a pretty darn minty TV Special:

    Minty, sure, but . . . $104 shipped?

    Puts me in mind of the Barrett-Jackson musclecar auctions, when two guys with deep pockets both want the same '68 Chevelle SS. Things get out of hand fast!

    I was watching, not bidding, although if it hadn't skyrocketed like that I might have tried to snipe it at the last second. :001_rolle

  2. WOW... Heck if it was someone on these boards PM me for a minty TV special just like it. :badger:
  3. Very Minty!
  4. I actually AM looking for one---it's my birthyear razor---but not for $100 freakin' bucks! :lol:

    It needs to cook breakfast for that much moolah, not just shave my face. :001_rolle

  5. That is a beautiful specimen. :w00t: I can't say I would pay that, but I also won't say it isn't worth it.
  6. Gzzzzzz...I might just have to sell off one of mine...hmmmmm!!!
  7. I did it.

    I had no idea others wanted it almost as much as I did...I was gonna max it out at $51 but somebody else got the urge and forced me higher.
    All this in the last few minutes. The seller told me it is actually brand new and unused, from buying out the remaining stock of an out of business drug store.
    I justify it as a once in a lifetime purchase, and I can pass it to my son when I die.

    If you think that's high, I got an email from a "losing" bidder offering $130 for it...I'll think about that.

    It's my birth date razor. Now, I don't have to look anymore, and I can close out my WTB thread here at B&B.
  8. Congratulations! May you, and your son, have many, many good shaves from it.
  9. Thank you, Bob.
    He's ten, but before long...
  10. Congrats on a beautiful razor. Use it in the best of health. Unused razors command different prices than some others, and it's a matter of how bad someone wants the piece. I don't think that price is out of line, especially if there is any emotional connection to the razor.
  11. I think it's far better to spend $100 on a razor you really want than $100 on ten razors you don't really care for. Cost it out over the years of use you'll give it and its a tiny investment in a heap of pleasure. Congratulations on purchasing such a fine razor!
  12. I appreciate the kind words.
    I hope it is as mint as described, but I have no reason to doubt it.

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