This guy has MAJOR RAD, a huge wallet. Hide your razors people!

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  1. So I was bummed when I got outbid(destroyed) in that khaki set -

    I noticed the second highest bidder in that auction ($200) is the SAME GUY who just won the vintage ABC for $300+ AND this Cavalier set for $200 plus.

    Until this guy's RAD cools off no razor is safe. Damn!

    I'm sure that's not all he's chomped down on either - just the latest. I'll bet good money he chomps down on this toggle in the end too:

    Link to live auction removed - (toggle on ebay)
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  2. Just a heads up, it's against the board rules to post links to live auctions. Posting links to a Buy It Now is allowed, but links to live auctions that are not yet completed is not.
  3. Apologies - editing it now...
  4. He seems determined...I was bidding on the Cavalier set and just didn't want to go beyond $175, even though it's in pretty nice shape
  5. It's getting scary out there. I'm starting to see Schick injectors going up!
  6. A newbie with a bad case of RAD.

    In a few months when he finds some other hobby, he'll put these razors back on ebay with outrageous starting prices because "I paid that much for it. [​IMG]"

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    The person who won the Cavalier set is a different person. Look at the number of feedback ratings.
  8. Too rich for my wallet, but a very nice set.
  9. I'm not getting why people pay so much. After three weeks, I've got about 30 razors but I'm getting them for $2, $3, $9 for a Slim, $22.50 for a boxed Fat Boy; in other words, good deals (except for the one time I got carried away and paid $45 for a Fat Boy with a broken case on e-bay but even that's not terrible). Part of the fun, for me, is getting them cheap. Guess that's because I'm cheap.
  10. Question not the ways of the deep-pocketed hell-bent collector.

    Forget hiding my razors. I need to start listing them while the high rollers are still feeling euphoric.
  11. You are wise in the way of acquisitions my son.
  12. Less a case of "Beware!", more a case of "Get a really nice price for your unwanted collectible razor"
  13. Good point Haggises.

    perhaps an opportunity!
  14. I don't get it either, there were millions of the vintage razors made. The only razors I paid more than $20 for were new production ones. Otherwise they averaged $5 to $10. I saw a tech on ebay last night for $65 and it was nothing special. The sad thing was it still had a few days to go before bidding was over.
  15. Maybe were reaching a price tipping point. As the word trickles out that old razors are worth their weight in gold, even the nice old lady at the junk shop will crank up her prices. Only hope is this is a "bubble phenomena" and will self-correct. Here's hoping...

    The thing about it is...even at $200 for a razor...that's still affordable for most who really want something. When you look around and see plastic junk items of all sorts priced in the hundreds, a solid metal, well-engineered, razor with a history has appeal. Seductive even.
  16. So many thrift shops/antique shops have doubled the value of the asking price because they think there's a "shaving boom" as they seem to be calling it.
  17. alex2363

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    true, ebayer O...h , won the Cavaleire set and ABC set, the Khaki set was won by r...n ebayer.
  18. I'm still amazed at local antique shops around me. They think that just because one guy sold all of his razors that they can too... Problem is the one guy was selling everything at $5 or less, and they have a $135 price tag on a straight with a severely chipped blade.
  19. I was in a shop last week that I had not been to since last November. They still had the same overpriced (but restorable) straights, along with the same junk straights. Two very reasonably priced safety razors made their way into my inventory . . . and they were the only two safeties in the store! Overpriced razors will stay on the shelf, until an uninformed individual (like your dear, sweet wife) makes a misguided purchase.

    Another favorite shop of mine still had the same overpriced (and well-worn) safeties from my last visit two months ago - a Red Tip, a Fat Handle Tech, and a Red and Black set each priced at $30!!

    In my experience, the common razors are the ones most likely to be overpriced, and the less common sometimes sell for a song!
  20. Same thing with my local shop
    Very rough straights were going for 60-70+
    Gem SE were going for 40+
    Injectors 35+

    No DE that I could see :(
    Time to try to find a fea market

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