This 23 year old RJ Parklane is....

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  1. Delicous.

    I've been collecting cigars since 1979, and tonight I decided to smoke something truly awesome. I picked a Parklane. It has always been my favorite cigar, as the cigar rollers created it as their own to get past the guy at the exit. The short length and tiny tip made it look like a lesser cigar sticking out of the pocket.

    This box of Royal Jamaican Parklane cigars is from the third box I bought which makes it about 1988 or so.

    Can't say I've smoked a better cigar in a while folks.

    Your cigar friend,
  2. I can honestly say I have never had one of those. If you had to compare it to something, (not taking into account the age on it), what would it be?
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    The first box of cigars I ever bought was RJ No. 2's back in 1990-91, I still have the box. Sadly, not the cigars.

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  4. They are tissue wrapped torpedos. Medium-mild 6". I only have a couple left.
  5. I can't say that I've ever seen that brand, up here in Canada. Or, if my regular walk-in humidor shop stocks them, I've never noticed. I read up on them, out of curiosity, and apparently, at one time, they were actually made in Jamaica... back when Jamaica had a viable cigar industry. They've been Dominican for some time now.

    I find cigar history fascinating..... just sayin'...
  6. These were made back in Jamaica. Used to be a great brand.

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