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  1. So which blade is the thickest DE blade available today?

    I came across a pack of 1940s Gillette Blue blades and to my surprise they are at least as thick as 2 modern DE blades. No chance of them ever flexing in any razor. I also have 1950s or 1960s Gillette Super Stainless "Spoiler pack" and blades out them are thicker than any modern blade I came across.

    I don't have a micrometer but just from feel the thickest ones I have are Voskhod and GSB.

    Which modern blade you ever used that you felt was the thickest you ever encountered?
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  4. Only a minute! :001_rolle :thumbup1:
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    Also I should add the Personna med prep is also a thin blade, coming in at .004".
  6. From what I've seen, KAI blades from Japan are the thickest.
  7. Bic Chrome Platinum
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    Blades have been made thinner over time. To return to thickness, go with a classic Gem SE.
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    Definitely KAI.
  10. How thick is a Kai?
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    I don't think I have calipers accurate enough to measure them. But there were threads with measurements of different blades.
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    I haven't used the following blades yet. But they're in my trial tin (courtesy of various sources, mainly TryABlade).
    So out they came (and my digital caliper too).

    Gillette Silver Blue: 0.004"/0.1mm
    Voskhod: 0.004"/0.1mm

    Kai: 0.004"/0.1mm

    From all the reports, rumours, and guesses I've seen... I was expecting the Kais to be 6 thou thick, but no, just the standard 4 thou.
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    Great input Cal. So far Personna Super is holding the high ground. My only curiosity is why they haven't thinned that one down to .004" yet.

  14. Another question about Personna to add to the confusion!

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