Thick, coarse, dry hair? What shampoo & conditioner is the best?

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  1. Just as the title states. If any of you ladies/gents have thick, coarse, dry hair please let me know which shampoo/conditioner you have had the best results with. I have tried everything from drug store el cheapo brands to very expensive brands. I haven't been able to find something that is my "go to" brand and need your help finding this product.
  2. I use Joico Silk Result for Thick/Coarse hair. Good stuff.
  3. JR Liggetts tea tree and hemp shampoo bars followed by Nature's Gate tea tree conditioner worked pretty well for me.

    I'm working my way through some Chagrin Valley Soap shampoo samples right now, and the Olive and Babassu bar worked extremely well for me. Wasn't crazy about the scent, but my hair and scalp have never felt so good. The Extra Honey and Beer is working pretty well so far, too.
  4. I use Aveda Black Malva and Shampure conditioner(pureology works wonderfully but costs bank so I use it twice a month). I have typical thick curly Indian hair and found I have to use a leave in conditioner. I tried expensive stuff that just made my hair puffy. I decided to do what my mom used to do and that is coconut oil after I brush it, then brush it in, and then apply my pomade. Since I have bern using coconut oil my hair has been soft, shiny, and relaxed.
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  5. I use Pantene Smooth shampoo and conditioner.

    Pretty cheap and works better than the Redken and Aveda products they use when I get my haircut.

    I do use Aveda Grooming Cream as a styling product and it really helps keep in moisture.
  6. I definitely have thick and coarse hair. I have tried all kinds of shampoos over the years, and recently switched to shampoo bars. Gotta agree with the JR Liggetts Tea Tree & Hemp Oil recommendation. I think my hair was the softest it has ever been while using that shampoo. And I wasn't even using conditioner at the time.
  7. About a year ago, I was given a tip by a very experienced barber to use a small amount of olive oil after drying. I was skeptical, but found that using just a trace of oil worked fully into the hair works superbly for control and shine, and doesn't look oily at all. I never would have thought of it. The amount you want is far less than what you think might possibly make a difference. Just a trace. If there's no difference, then try a bit more. If it looks oily, then you are using too much. Any oil will work - probably also jojoba, shea butter, etc.
  8. I registered just so i could answer this question. I have been searching for years for a shampoo that would make my hair soft but not weigh it down. I use Wella Brilliance for course hair. It is wonderful! Im looking for a cheaper alternative, so im going to try the pantene mentioned above.
  9. I too have dry, coarse, and thick hair. Every single haircut I've ever had, the barber has used thinning shears. I haven't used shampoo or conditioner to wash my hair for over two months now, with fantastic results. I use hot water and my fingers, and I just make sure to scrub my scalp well.
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  10. Nothing I've tried can beat Mystic Waters shampoo bar and Hair Oil.
    Both can be found at
  11. Randall, I sure hope so...both are enroute and should be here by the weekend.
    I have only hair on the sides and back of my head; the top is hairless. But, whatever
    hair there is should look and feel as good as possible, right??
    A sensitive shave soap is included in the same order, as there is much good written
    about Michelle's soap-making skills. Hope you all are right in your praise!
  12. John, I would be surprised if you need more than a single drop (possibly two) of oil, if your hair is short and not thick. It's surprising how much of a difference it can make: rub it between your hands and just run your fingers through your hair to distribute it evenly.
  13. If your hair is dry, you need to use shampoo less often as it cleans all the oils out of your hair.

    I've been using Pantene Co Wash for the last few months and it's pretty good for the price. Use it daily and it will lightly clean the hair and add some conditioning as well. I only use shampoo maybe once a month.

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