The Worst Blade?

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  1. While I haven't been wet shaving for very long, I have been doing it long enough to know that the only universally accepted opinion amongst the community is that Feathers are the sharpest blade. But I wonder if there is a universal opinion as to what the worst blade is. I can't imagine there will be unanimous consent, but there has to be a clear winner (or loser, depending on your perspective).

    So what do you think is the worst blade?
  2. For me, it is a tie between Walmart 'Wilkinsons and Merkurs.
  3. Nacet
  4. I am convinced that whatever their value as blades, Merkurs are the worst-marketed.

    To me, including a Merkur blade sample with razors recommended for new shavers is nearly suicidal.

    They're going to be blamed for the poor first shave that new shavers often get. It took me nearly two years to try a Timor, which are rumored to be the same blade with different packaging. I like Timors, but am reluctant to ever try a Merkur again.
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  5. The least acceptable of the various blades I've tried has been Derby. To me, they seem rough and dull, even when palm-stropped.

    I have a mental category of blades that I don't intend to ever bother with, based strictly on near-universal reports of suckage: Shogun, 7 a.m. (Bangladesh), current production Gillette Super Stainless (on the red card).
  6. 7 A.M. Blades
  7. Treet "Blue Specials"
  8. Funny..

    After a few samples I ordered 100 Derby's because I thought they were pretty good.

    And the Feather blade gave me some razor burn.

    There may not be any way around trying a bunch of blades and finding out what works and doesn't for each of us.
  9. Derby Vertical blades, Merkur and Dollar General "Dorco" blades have been the worst blades I've tried. I have a stash of Wilkinson Sword, Made in England, blades that are quite nice....but the German made are, IMO, the same as Merkur.
  10. for me, it's BlueBirds..................I'd get a better shave with a cheese grater (probably less irritation too)
  11. Walmart Wilkinsons
  12. Oh, well, for me, it's the vietnamese gillette thins.
    -- Chet
  13. I got a couple dorco 300s that were pretty bad thatcame with a weishi razor. I later heard it was rumored to be chinese knock offs. Never tried to get another pack after that.
  14. Merkurs don't do it for me at all.
  15. Based on price and the number of quality shaves that can be gotten from the blade the Feather is the most overrated and overhyped blade out there. 2 shaves and then you might as well be using a butter knife.
  16. The blade that has given me the hardest time were Lords. They seemed sharp but pulled worse than an old, dull Fusion cartridge. Fortunately, I didn't pay for them because they came as a sampler from one of our generous vendors.
  17. Walmart Wilkinsons. I can barely get two shaves out of one of those blades.
  18. Derby,Laser and Dorco 300
  19. Merkurs are no. 1 followed by the Walmart Wilkinsons.
  20. So it's Merkur for me.

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