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  1. This site cracks me up. Last month, when I got completely fed up with my Mach III shaves/price, I had no idea there was this whole community devoted to "wet shaving", which I'd never heard of. I knew of course that DE razors existed somewhere but I'd never tried one. I'd experimented briefly with brush/soap, but they were always gift items so I'd end up with disgusting boar hair lying around all over my face. I also had no idea how to properly work up a lather, so I gave up and retreated back to the crappy cartridges. 2 blade, 3 blade....I even tried the dumb 5 blade that The Onion joked about years ago.

    (for those who don't know it
    squeamish take note: liberal use of the F word)

    Somehow I got it in my head last month that I'd go for glory and get a DE razor. I stumbled around the net for a bit and then came across this site. Who knew there was so much stuff out there? As I wrote in my newbie post I picked up the Merkur HD, Proraso cream and pre/post, Skin Bracer, a stand and soap dish (incl. Bayrum) from Col Conk, which I'll experiment with after I get the technique down. After more reading, I've ordered blade samples, Creed samples (ordering the GIT), and something else. I'm losing track. And then yesterday I opened up the whole Method Shaving thread and now I want to get some of that stuff. I'll wait though until October, as I'll be in San Antonio for a conference and will be able to drive up to Austin and check out the store. It's difficult to resist getting all these neat things and experimenting!

    So far the shaves have been great. My cheeks haven't been as smooth since I was 14, and my neck is coming along. I've been a little overly aggressive there and given myself some burn, but I'm getting better at it. My wife can't leave me alone, totally loves the smooth shaves and the new scents. Wish I'd found out about wet shaving 20 years ago!

    What a great site.
  2. Hey Pete, great to have you. Glad it's going so well!
  3. Congrats, glad to have you aboard
  4. Welcome man! Prepare to lose your life to this site! Mwahahaha.
  5. Welcome! We are glad you're here, Pete. I, also, wished I had discovered DE shaving twenty years ago, but I'm making up for lost time. I actually look forward to shaving now--try that with your Mach III...

    Keep us updated with your successes.
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    Glad you found us, Pete!
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    What took you so long? Welcome to B&B.
  8. welcome aboard! Don't worry...the early acquisition phase USUALLY calms down after a while (no guarantees, though) with that out of the way, you'll have to try some Tabac soap and taylor's avocado cream. and speick aftershave.

    ...and wait until you start venturing into single malts....
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    Nice story. Welcome to B&B!
  10. welcome pete, make sure someone teaches you the secret handshake.:biggrin:
  11. Welcome home, Pete.
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    Welcome Pete!
  13. Welcome to B&B and thank God your wife is okay with all of this.
  14. Welcome!

  15. +1000

    Same exact thing happened to me. Great people on here.
  16. Welcome! Great story btw. My wife feels the same way when she runs her hand over my cheek, I like it too! Enjoy and don't let the "AD" get to you too soon
  17. Welcome to B&B...( fellows...Pete "gets it".)
  18. Thanks! I am thoroughly enjoying discovering the wetshave world. I actually start planning when to shave, as opposed to avoiding it as much as possible.

    Indeed. Well, when I was a kid my Dad always had a full beard. Eventually he shaved it off, but his idea of shaving is using a bar of soap and a Bic disposable while showering. No. No no no no no no. Since he was no help I've been left to stumble about, and luckily I stumbled into here.

    Oh she is more than ok. She is very happy about it, says it "adds class." I mean, I had to ask her how to put on cologne. I even mentioned to her that I was going to drive to Austin from San Antonio in October just to check out Enchante. At first she was dubious but when I explained the whole thing about the products and maybe getting some shaving tips vis a vis The Method, she lit up and said I needed to do it. Not only does she like the smooth skin, but she gets my cast offs, like several bottles from Thayers Witch Hazel sampler that arrived today.

    It's such a funny thing, getting excited over a freakin shave, but it's been such an eye opener getting the DE. I mean, Gillette vs Guillotine, The Forms, ATG, XTG....It's nice and manly, unlike metrosexual grooming stuff, and the results are outstanding, even at this early stage. Awesome.
  19. This is a great site! Glad to have you aboard.

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