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  1. I posted a Redskins thread a few years ago and got a good response, so here we go:

    Are there any other unfortunate souls out there who have the misfortune of being a fan of the Washington Redskins? Let us come together, embrace and grieve as one.
  2. I used to be a Redskins fan. I started back in high school during the days of Joe Thiesman and John Riggins.

    I, however, can't get myself to root for an organization that insists on being dysfunctional. The Poison Dwarf has destroyed the team. And I refuse to be that kind of fan that best resembles the battered housewife that believes her husband can change.

    Until the Poison Dwarf stops treating the team like an ATM machine and/or fantasy football team I see no point in subjecting myself to further punishment.
  3. You'd think I would've learned my lesson, but I have not. I have, however, given up on being optimistic at the beginning of the season. I now go into it thinking that we're going to be awful, so I don't end up that disappointed.

    But yes, Snyder is an anathema. It's baffling to me that this guy can't figure out that what he's doing isn't working. It just blows my mind. At least Al Davis can be partially excused since he's practically a walking corpse, but Snyder is young and, to the best of my knowledge, mentally sound. But year after year, it's get rid of home grown talent and instead bring in marquee players who thrived in other systems.

    You know what the worst thing about this season is? Jason Campbell is finally playing well, in spite of not having an offensive line, but this is his contract year and I can't see any way in hell that he'd stick around. But I doubt Snyder will even offer him a new contract. Instead, we'll probably wind up with Jim McMahon or Warren Moon. @#$%!
  4. As long as we're taking has been QB's out of retirement, why not take Ron Jaworski? He's the only QB ever to make it to the Big Game with a revolving door front 5.
  5. All Redskins fans can take heart. You could be a Lions fan. :laugh:
  6. We lost to the Lions.
  7. Yep!

    And the Lions have a great wide receiver, a promising young quarterback and they just ditched their God awful GM. The Redskins are about to lose their promising young quarterback, have an O-line comprised of men at retirement age, are about to fire their coach, have a running back who is talking retirement and is over the hill and have four inconsistent wide receivers.

    If we pick up Jaworski, I want two things: (1) the Jaws theme to play every time we're in the red zone; (2) he has to run commentary and make comments about his own play. For instance, if he throws a sloppy pick, he needs to say something like this over the instant replay, "I don't know what Jaworski was thinking! There wasn't a receiver within ten yards of that ball. There must've been a total communication breakdown with the wideout!" Actually, I think he should be running commentary while he's actually dropping back to pass.
  8. yep I am and this is a ROUGH year:blush:
  9. I'm a Redskins fan.

    It's been like shaving with Caswell-Massey soap...every Sunday.
  10. our best hope is for Synder to sit down..shut up and pay the players...oh and FIRE Cerrato...other than that ...we have no hope
  11. I prefer Jaworski right where he is now, calling games on Monday Night Football--he's my favorite amongst all the folks currently calling pro games.
  12. Well what I mean is that at least you have 3 championships and the last one was 18 years ago, but didn't you make it to the playoffs and win a game under Gibbs a few years back?

    That's more than the Lions can claim.
  13. Argonaut

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    I'm a Jets fan, Namath was before I was born. Joe Klecko and Mark Gastineau are the only players I remember from my childhood. I've tried hard to forget the rest. I'm sorry for you Redskin fans, but at least I can remember watching the "Skins" win a Superbowl, and the Raiders, and the Buc's and the Ravens.... I guess I just need a hug.:o10:
  14. I have been a fan for all my life (50+) and it very sad to see this once proud franchise driven into the ground by Danny boy. Jack Kent Cooke is surely spinning in his grave. Zorn is probably counting the days until the end of the season so he can get the hell out and I am sure there are more than a few players looking to follow.
    I am also a Nationals, fan so I am used to incompetence on the playing field, but the Skins take it to a new level.
    On the upside I am also a Capitals fan and so far so good.

  15. The commentary idea is a good one. Could we also have him continue to express his undying and boundless red, hot man love for Tom Brady while getting sacked?
  16. Its is the same for me, to sit back a watch Riggins do his thing was an amazing site. Man could that guy move a line. And Joe well I need not say more.
    I am still a fan and always will be. It's been a tough road as of late but I will not bail out out on them. (way to much money tied up in fan gear....:blush:)

    I agree, herein lays the problem, Dan has driven the Skins into the ground with his ways. It's clear that money does not buy brains.
  17. <Sigh> 1957 was so long ago. :nonod:

    Yeah, quit you're bellyaching. The Redskins have had it much better than the Lions or heck the Browns.
  18. As far as I can tell, Dan Snyder is doing a good job. Despite being a god awful team for... well, pretty much the entire time he's been the owner, the franchise remains one of the most profitable. As long as that remains the case, I wouldn't expect things to change.

    Yet, I think of myself as a fan... to the extent that it is the only football team I have any emotional attachment to. However, I've largely avoided adding anything to that profitiablity until they right this ship. I don't go to games... an easy task as ticket prices are just ricoculous... and I don't purchase any merch.

    This season has really had me asking some fundamental philosophical questions about what exactly does it mean to be a fan? If it's monetary support, then forget it. I'm not paying for such a crappy product. If it's simply rooting for them, then I'll do that and be a fan until the end of my days on this mortal coil.

    Funny... when I was in high school, and the Ravens were an expansion team, I railed against all my traitor friends that switched alegiance to them. Of course, this was a private school in my area, and most of those kids were from the Balto/Annapolis area, so it made sense in a way. Also, many of them insisted that they remembered when the Colts were in Baltimore, so they weren't switching -- they were returing to their original team... whatever that means. Still, I couldn't see why or how you could just do that. (Same thing with all the Cowboy fans in my area... people that have no geographic or family ties to Texas.) A few years later when the Ravens went to the Superbowl and won, I was a student at Towson University, which is in Baltimore County. At the time I felt similarly dismayed that all these asshats wearing black and purple were nothing less than modern day Benedict Arnolds whilst I remained a miserable crank holding tight to the burgundy and gold of an 8-8 team that didn't make the playoffs.

    The reason this is funny is because at the begining of this season, I was contemplating the possibilty of becoming a Ravens fan :blushing: I live closer to Baltimore now than I do DC, though that's where I work. Certainly, my decade living in Baltimore county, and the time I spent living in Baltimore City, makes me qualified to do something like that? If I watched baseball, I would, in fact, be an Orioles fan, because that's the team I grew up with... why not switch? I just can't bring myself to root for them. Don't get me wrong, when watching a game, as a Marylander, I want them to win. I just don't really care. The same way I wouldn't give two shakes about Arsenal if I lived in Islington.

    Perhaps this is the true measure of fandom -- caring. If the Ravens were to dissapear in the middle of the night after this season, I probably wouldn't even follow it in the news. If Jim Zorn holds a press conference about the gastro-intestinal problems of Haynesworth, or a plantars wart on whoever our new place kicker is, I'm following every lead on those stories until the next one breaks.
  19. I was once a Skins fan, but not since Gibbs left the first time.
  20. no sorry born in philly so i am an eagles fan even though i moved away long ago. danny boy needs to sell that team.:laugh:

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