The very aggressive razor I keep forgetting to use....

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  1. I get caught up in using my modern aggressive razors so much that I forget about my other highly-aggressive razor: my Gillette "Old". It's more aggressive, in my opinion, than any modern razor other than the R41. It's small and light, so you need to be careful - it can bite (and irritate). I gave myself a BBS this morning with a Feather blade, although I got a bit of irritation as well. If you haven't tried a Gillette "Old", you can pick up a good one easily and fairly cheaply. If you have run through all of the modern aggressive razors and want to try something different, give it a try.
  2. Picture? Any aftermarket handle work with the head?
  3. I like the Old Type. Make sure you inspect the razor very carefully after inserting the blade. It can be significantly misaligned, and sometimes even bowed in the middle if you're not careful.

    Once you get the blade in there properly, though, it provides a nice shave. Very similar in its character to a FaTip. Much more aggressive than a NEW.
  4. Are these also called single rings?
  5. Some of them are single rings. Most are not. The majority have a ball-end handle. The single ring has the same head as the ball-end Old, but the handle is different.
  6. Another question. What's the difference between the old-style and the old improved?
  7. The bottom guard plate which affects the angle of blade exposure
  8. I just bought one a few days ago. Really anxious to try it when it gets here. If its that aggressive i think I'll like it.
  9. Scary thing is I'm finding the Old Type,Old Improved and NEW are starting to get more and more time in my rotation.
  10. Thanks.
  11. I am a little confused with the terminology in this thread. I think you guys may have got it a little confused. There is the old type (describes the head) which includes the double and single ring as well as the ball end handle old types. This was then replaced by the New Improved heads most well known is the bostonian. Then confusingly the next in progression was the New which included the bar ends and ball ends.
    I have never heard of a old improved, but maybe I'm wrong.
    Here is Mr Razor (Achim's) fantastic website. Should clear things up if you have never been there before. Rasierer.htm
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    You are correct. There is not an Old Improved. Old Type, New Improved, New.
  13. it looks kinda odd but my ikon bulldog fits the old type OC
  14. $old.jpg
  15. All great razors. I don't know if it's the way they shaved with the original blades, but with a modern blade these razors will make you wonder if they ever really improved on the idea at all with later designs.
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    The Old Type is my favorite razor Gillette ever made.
  17. This is an excellent combo. I prefer it to my Fatip. I have handles coming from Spain and my favorite Old head is off at the spa for a replate so those will make for some great experiments.

  18. I think I have an old type US Army issued razor. Are the military issue any different than the other old type?
  19. My Old Type was my second DE (first was a Wieshi). It made me bleed quite a bit when I first started out. This thread made me realize that, now with the Fatip and my Long-Comb New and the adjustable I recently scored, it's been awhile since I rocked it old school.

    Batting next: Gillette Old Type.
  20. I bet you'll find that you like it a lot better this time around. Just make sure the blade is loaded correctly.

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