The (true) Feather Injector Razor.

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by lradke, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Hey Everyone!

    I't been a while since I have last been on. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has ever seen one of these before? It is a vintage Feather Injector Razor that takes the Schick (or vintage Feather) injector blades. I got it a year ago, and have used it several times. It is a very fine razor, but I am just curious if anyone else has one? Or can offer me any information on it before I contact Feather?


    $Feather inj 2.jpg


  2. Hmm, I've not seen or heard of it. No idea on the vintage, huh? One more thing I'll have to buy in the future to round out my injector collection...

    Oh, if you're going to contact Feather, pick up a couple of cases of the SE blades for me :biggrin1:
  3. I have gone ahead and emailed Feather (Japan) and inquired about the razor and the blades. I can honestly say the Sputtom blades were garbage (lots of tugging) but it also came with a pack of Platinum blades, and those are fantasic!

    I will report back when I hear from the company. :)
  4. clk


    Very interesting...I will be very curious to see what you discover.
  5. Hey Everyone!

    I heard back from Feather about the injector and injector blades I have pictured above.

    Here is what they said:

    "Dear Mr. Radke,

    Thank you very much for your e-mail dated November 30, 2012.

    We understand that you got one of our old products and looking for some information about it.

    We are glad to hear that you like the razor, but as we saw the picture, it looks like our razor launched early 1970's and finally discontined around 1996.

    We are afraid that we do not have any stock of this model of razor and the blades that fit the razor, and we are sorry for not being able to meet your request.

    Anyway, we highly appreciate your comments on our products, and thank you again for contacting us.

    Best regards,"

    I had written asking if there were any (razors or blades) left in their warehouses, and if they could shed some light on the production dates.

    As mentioned above, it's a fine razor and shaves with the aggressiveness somwhere between a Schick E and G (injector). I don't know who else has seen one, and as far as I know this is the only one my brother has seen in Japan (he picked it up for me).
  6. I've never seen one in Japan, but Feather customer service are really helpful: If they had any they would have told you! I once mailed to ask about Feather Portable razors, which were also discontinued in 1996, and although they didn't have any, they did send me, free of charge, a small sized Feather DE razor, which they had left over.
  7. That is a cool looking injector!
  8. They are very helpful! I've contacted them a few times, and their replies are always quick and full of information.
  9. Very cool razor!
  10. Super cool. Can you use other brands' i.e. Schick blades, or are the dimensions proprietary?

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